The Air Pea is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It shoots tornado peas that blows back zombies. It is the special coinium of Party 99. It costs 35500 coins.


Air Pea shoots tornado peas that blows back zombie 1/2 a tile, the wind affects all zombies on the tile, but not the pea itself. This plant can be used in conjuction with any slow-charge plant like Citron or Coconut Cannon to maximize their potential, be wary though because machine zombies and Gargantuars only gets blown back 1/4 of a tile.

Almanac Entry

Sun cost: 125

Damage: Normal

Range: Straight

Recharge: Fast

Shoots tornado peas that blows back zombies 1/2 a tile

Special: Tornado peas blow back zombies on tile

Special: Flying zombies gets blown 2 tiles back

Blowback Area: Tile

Almanac Entry: TBD


  • Pilot Hat
  • Satellite Dish

Plant Food

When fed Plant Food, the Air Pea hops on a small tornado and shoots 75 tornado peas.