Assembly Vine is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is the ninth plant obtained in the Industrial Revolution, and is unlocked on Day 27. It creates various items such as Sun, Plant Food, or its own item, Pot Bots. Pot Bots run up to zombies and explode for huge damage when they reach a zombie. It can steal metal objects off of zombies such as helmets, or hooks to speed up the process.


Assembly Vine can create Sun, Plant Food, or Pot Bots that run up to zombies and then explode. Much like a Magnet-shroom, it can take metal objects from zombies to speed up its building process.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 175

Damage: None
Toughness: Typical
Recharge: Slow

Assembly Vines create Sun, Plant Food, or Pot Bots which explode when they reach a zombie.

An innovative and persistent worker, Assembly Vine’s latest invention, the Pot Bot, is a revolutionary tool in the battle against zombies. It shows that he will let no competing company stand in his way. Even Cherry Bomb admits that its explosion is impressive.

Plant Food Effect

Creates 100 Sun and seven Pot Bots at once.


  • Its name is based off of an assembly line and a vine.