The Black Willow is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It slings webs and poisons zombies when close. It is the fifth plant obtained in Party '99. Specifically after Night 16.


Black Willows traps zombies by slinging sticky webs at the tile, it can also attack zombies by biting them, each bite dealing 0.75 nds. If the bite doesn't kill the zombies, the poison will, dealing 2 nds/sec and lasting for 3 seconds after a single bite. Zombies affected by the web cannot move for 5 seconds. Black Willows have to reload their webs for 10 seconds after each sling.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 125

Damage: Light

Area: Tile

Recharge: Mediocre

Traps zombies using webs and gives a small poison bite to zombies if any gets close

Special: Webs makes zombies immobile

Special: Gives zombies a small poison bite when nearby

Almanac Entry: She might look frail and soft, but beware zombies! she's got accuracy of a sniper rifle, the webs of steel and a bite to boot you off the lawn, she's pretty, she's dangerous, she's pretty dangerous.


  • Spider Clip
  • Bow

Plant Food

When fed Plant Food, the Black Willow will pull all zombies in the lane towards her, poison them, then throws them to the 9th column, and as a finale, she shoots webs at all zombies onscreen afterwards.


  • It's one of the many plants to be referred as a female by the almanac.