Bubble Weed is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is the first plant obtained in the City of Atlantis, and is unlocked on Day 1. It allows for non-aquatic plants to be planted underwater, and defends them like a Wall-nut.


Much like the bubbles in City of Atlantis, they can allow for underwater planting. Unlike the bubbles however, they do not pop upon contact with a zombie. Instead they function as a Pumpkin, to protect the plant inside them.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 50

Toughness: Elevated
Recharge: Fast

A defensive plant that protects plants within from water and zombies.

He's terrified of almost everything, and is often called a "bubble boy". But when it comes time to fight, the other plants admire him for going into battle and protecting them from the underwater threats. Yeah, it's a different story above water, so that's why he spends most of his time underwater. He also can pop easily above water, so, y' know.

Plant Food Effect

Shoots four more Bubble Weeds randomly in the first four columns.