Normal Cospea
Cospea changes its ability depending on the world planted in.
Game Plants vs. Zombies: Online
Unlocked TBA
Sun Cost 225
Toughness Typical
Damage Normal (pea), Depends (other ability)
Planted on Water, Flower Pot or Ground.
Weakness Sometimes there is better plant options for certain worlds.
Cospea used to just be a simple peashooter until lead into an acting career. Now Cospea cosplays everywhere for the occasion, only problem is that she always changes her name during cosplaying too.

Cospea is a new plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. The Cospea changes its ability depending on the world it's planted in but it always at least fires a pea like a Peashooter. It has a fast recharge (for some reason recharges aren't in the infobox)


  • Player's House/Tutorial-TBA
  • Ancient Egypt-Sometimes shoots a bone that creates a green grave, this acts like a defensive wall-nut with only 30 health.
  • Pirate Seas-Sometimes shoots Swashbucklers, Pirate Imps and Seagull Zombies into the water (only works on lanes with open water)
  • Wild West-Shoots fast on minecarts.
  • Far Future-Sometimes disables machines
  • Dark Ages-Sometimes creates sun
  • Big Wave Beach-Can be planted on water
  • Frostbite Caves-Immune to frost.
  • Lost City-Sometimes summons a gold tile below it (however due to Gold Tile logic, it will only work with it on it.
  • Neon Mixape Tour-Does a different projectile attack depending on the jam
  • Jurassic Marsh-Sometimes can charm a dino if the projectile passes the dino.




  • The name is a pun of Peashooter and Cosplay.
  • It's inspired by the cosplay Pikachu from Pokemon.
  • It's the 2nd non-fire plant immune to frost, the first being Cold Snapdragon.
  • It's the fourth female Peashooter, the rest being the Ice Queen Pea, Flaming Pea and Fire Peashooter