Dr. Frankenberry is a plant is Plants vs. Zombies Online. He is the last plant obtained in the Industrial Revolution, and is unlocked on Day 35. He uses various inventions of his to attack and defend from the zombies.


He can do various things.

  • Attack with a flame-thrower to damage al zombies in a lane.
  • Attack with a bomb to explode a 3x3 area of zombies.
  • Attack with a ranged weapon to hurt the strongest zombie on screen.
  • Defend with a shield to create a column of defense.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 450

Damage: Massive
Range: Full Board
Recharge: None

Dr. Frankenberry is a hero plant that can only be planted once per level. He has a variety of abilities that are offensive and defensive. Once killed in a level however, he cannot be used until the next one.

Weakness: Cannot be used for the rest of the level once defeated


  • He is the first plant created to talk to and help Crazy Dave and Penny on their adventure.
  • He was the first Hero Plant created.