Escape From The House is a game were you must escape from a house and explore the virtual world.

The Game

How to Play:

  • Move - You must click the place you want to move onto.
  • Do Something - Click the animal and select what do you want him/her to do.
  • Push - Click on an object and click push.
  • Collect Coins - Simply walk on the coins to collect them.
  • Kick Something - Click on an object and click the option kick.

Special Abilities:


  • Run - Runs quickly.


The Main Characters of this game are animals.

  • Pooch - A dog who lives in a house that wants to escape and explore the world.
  • Fly - A bird that is Pooch's friend. She always helps Pooch from escaping.
  • Fling - Fly's brother who likes playing pranks on people.
  • Speed - A cat who wants to eat rice and not mice!
  • Inky - A worm who walks around doing nothing.
  • Fin - A very small fish that wants to go in the ocean.