Fairy Moss is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It cleans up oil tiles in the Industrial Revolution, and turns plants from a slick status, back to normal. It is obtained after Day 10 in the Industrial Revolution.


When planted on a tile that has oil on it, it will clear the oil away, thus making less room for a fire hazard to occur. Although if it is planted on a plant that is on an oil tile, it gets rid of the plant's slick status, and makes it fire at a normal rate. Though this may be worthwhile as to not have the plant be a fire hazard.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 25

Range: 1 Tile
Recharge: Fast

Fairy Moss loves to help nature! She's always trying to help plants grow, and to let life prosper. She even started up her own company for her actions: "100% Green". "Clean your room America!" she always says. One of her less happy quotes is "Don't litter, or I'll kill you :D". 


  • At one point, this plant was to be named Duckweed, and shoot water that could clear oil from a distance. This was changed in favor of an instant-use plant.