The Flower-works is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It launches fireworks at 3 adjacent lanes, each firework deals massive damage in a 3x3 area on impact when tapped, the recharges. It is the tenth and final plant obtained in Party '99. Specifically after Night 35.


Flower-works launches fireworks to 3 adjacent lanes when activated, this plant launches the fireworks like a lobbed-shot plant, but it's projectiles are not deflectable by Jesters or Parasols to prevent certain doom or waste of ammo. Each firework deals 90 nds to a 3x3 area, that means the middle lane gets most damage (90x3), the lanes up and below the plant gets more damage (90x2) while the remaining lanes gets the base damage (90 nds), these facts can be exploited to deal with even the most annoying zombies.

Almanac Entry

Sun cost: 375

Damage: Massive

Area: 3x3

Recharge: Mediocre

Launches fireworks to 3 adjacent lanes when activated, each fireworks deals massive damage in a 3x3 area, recharges for 25 sec in between shots

Range Details: Lobbed, 3-Lanes

Special: On impact, explodes in a large area

Almanac Entry: TBD


  • Archer Outfit
  • Party Gown

Plant Food

When fed Plant Food, the Flower-Works launches 12 fireworks to large groups of zombies, no reload needed afterwards