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  This is a 2-D platformer puzzle game where you can travel back in time.


Moving: A - Left; D - Right; W - Jump; S - Crouch or arrow keys.

Interact - E

Time jump - Space.


When you press Space button, you will be travelled back in time and see yourself who does the same things you did before time travel. You should co-operate with past self to beat the test chambers, but you must not let him see you, or you will disappear from existence.

You can go back in time unlimited times per level, but some levels have a counter of max amount of your time jumps. Also some levels can have timer which destroys the test chamber after counter goes down. Going back in time resets the timer, though.


Episode 1

You wake up in a place that looks very similar to your room. You go out and it turns out that you are in sort of testing facility. A voice explains that you were chosen to test new invention made by Clocks&Watches Inc. (maybe the name will change later). You are told that after beating all test chambers you will be sent back to civilization with money refund. Then you beat the tutorial chamber with basic controls shown. After that you are told to pick up a futuristic-looking watch on a pedestrial and then the voice explains what it does. During testing the voice will tell some trivial and easter-egg-ish stuff about himself and Clocks&Watches Inc. He will tell that he is a human (later I'll come up with his name :P) and this isn't a pre-recorded message. At the final chamber of episode 1 he tells that their company collaborated with Doodle and they were working on another invention.

Episode 2 (Spoiler alert)

Coming soon :P

Small schematical explanation

3d metal door texture by eliterocketbear-d814qfp

Let's pretend this is where the player spawns.


Let's also pretend that this is the exit.


Also box


And lever

Some more stuff:  

  • Colorful plate on the floor is a button. It is activated by standing on it or placing an object on it. When nothing is on it, it is off.  
  • Colorful stick that blocks the way is a remote door. It opens when triggerable object of same colour is triggered.
    • If if blocks only half the way, then this is opened door. Triggering this door will close it.    

Okay, now here are some levels I came up with.  

Update History

Currently this game is being developed by Mr. Boss-Inator and there is no version uploaded. Later you will be able to download first alpha version of this game here.

Dev team

Mr. Boss-inator

Creator of the main idea, programmer, texture creator and animator.


Creator of soundtrack. Also came up with a great title for this game :3

King Pea

Currently unemployed, but may get a job soon, provides ideas.


Game sprites and textures

Game Soundtrack (provided by awesome composer MangledMangle ^_^)