Golden Quest
A level in Golden Quest
Name Golden Quest
Developer Funfinity
Genre Platformer
More Info
Number of levels 45 (regular levels)

9 (tutorial levels)

9 (boss levels)

5 (secret levels)

7 (bonus levels)

75 (total)

Game-creating Engine GameMaker: Studio
Made by MysteryKing

Golden Quest is a 2D platformer game made by Funfinity.

Game Description

Oh no! A mysterious thief has stolen the parts of the podium of life! Help Clyde through multiple destinations to retrieve the stolen parts of the machine before it's too late!


The Quest Begins

In the mysterious place of Majestic Mountains, a valuable object named the "podium of life" held the stability of the mountains. But one day, when Clyde and his friends were checking the podium, their usual jobs, the parts were missing! Clyde and his friends tried to look for clues, until Clyde finds a world map. Clyde, the leader, then says a farewell to his friends and goes to find the parts. While on his quest, he meets a king that got lost in the current timeline and said that a hooded man blasted him with a teleport gun. Clyde finds his grenades to blast the way out. Later on, he meets a fruit wizard that gives him a magic burger, in which gave him powers to shoot fireballs. A fruit cyborg from the future warns him about insanely high heat signatures, which explains the noticeably higher rate of lava in Majestic Mountains. Until he meets the fiery fiend behind the high lava rates.

Infernozax Showdown


To the Royal Ocean


Areas / Levels

Majestic Mountains

  • Tutorial I: The Majestic Introduction
  • Level 1: In the Beginning
  • Level 2: Underground Escape
  • Level 3: Danger Hops
  • Level 4: Mysterious Passages
  • Level 5: Thermal Trap
  • Boss Battle I: Hot Destruction

Royal Ocean

  • Tutorial II: Deep Sea Dive
  • Level 1: Floaties
  • Level 2: Oceanic Goodies
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5

Space Station

  • Tutorial III
  • Level 1: Freaky Flipout


Majestic Mountains

  • Pink Blobs: Slow, and can be destroyed by jumping on them.
  • Blue Blobs: Same as pink blobs, but moves faster.
  • Slasher the Saw: Very slow, but instant death if you touch it
  • Flamelings: Shoots homing fireballs.
  • Infernozax: Boss of Majestic Mountains; Summons pink blobs, blue blobs and flamelings.

Area Descriptions

Majestic Mountains

Royal Ocean

Water is introduced.



Have 5 hearts in one level.


Gain 2500 coins.

Another Color

Collect a golden diamond.

Clyde Smash

Smash 10 enemies.

Secret Hunter

??? (Find the secret dev mode)

Ruby Retrieval

Retrieve the red ruby.

Crowned Explosions

Find King Snuggadoodles' grenades.


Defeat Infernozax!



  • This game is available on GameMaker: Player Beta
  • The player has 4 stages of upgrades:
    • Regular
    • Floaty - Can fly
    • Blaster - Shoots fireballs
    • Cyborg - Shoots piercing lasers

Original Development

  • Infernozax's original name is Deathflame.
  • Royal Ocean's original name was Ocean of Life.
  • In it's earlier versions, the world map was going to be PvZ2-styled.
  • The character's name was originally going to be Jake, but then it got changed to Clyde.