Lolwutburger: THE GAME!
The Preview's thumbnail, featuring live-action Shrek and the Sheriff from Squidbillies
Name Lolwutburger: THE GAME!
Developer Squiggles McSquiggleton Productions
Genre Point-and-Click (formerly)

RPG (Currently)

More Info
Number of levels Currently 2 preview chapters, 2 chapters planned with more coming soon!
Game-creating Engine ActionScript 3 (Previously)

RPG Maker (Currently)

Made by Lolly W. Burgerston
Lolwutburger: The Game (also known as The Quest for a Girlfriend that doesn't exist in real life!)

Game Description

Help Lolwutburger get a girlfriend that doesn't exist in real life! Also, meet his friends, enemies and things that don't exist in real life like a guy in a pickle suit.


Lolwutburger is for some reason uncolored in the preview, and a bunch of characters are in the preview.

Next, Lolwutburger is seen in his room, checking his deviantART messages to see that nobody has commented yet. So he goes outside to an unnamed park and interacts with people for some reason. That's about it for Chapter 1.


  1. The Preview World

Chapter 1: The Park

  1. Lolwutburger's Room
  2. Lolwutburger's Lawn / The Road
  3. The Park
  4. The Restrooms (unreleased)
  5. Stu Pickles Incorporated Laser Tower (background appearance)
  6. Hellfire (unreleased)
  7. The Benches
  8. The Interdimensional Portal
  9. The Souvenir Store

Chapter 2: The Internet

  1. The Wiki
  2. DeviantART
  3. Google+


Playable Characters

  • Lolwutburger - The main man with no plan whatsoever!
  • Doreen Hookerson - The second playable character. She knows things about portals and stuff.
  • Jerry the Security Guard - Used to work at some pizza place. Now guards the park doors.
  • 4th Player Character - Not much is known. Even the creator doesn't know. But he has considered making her a girl to balance the gender ratio.

The Preview

  • Shrek - Appears in the background in some of the rooms in the preview.
  • The Sheriff - Y'know, from Squidbillies! Lolwutburger's not touching him.
  • Maxwell - Is dead for some reason...
  • Randy Marsh - He's in his underwear, looking around. For some reason, his room is the most detailed in the whole game.
  • The Red Tree - The closest thing the preview has to an antagonist. Lolwutburger wants to cut it down for some reason, but the programmer was too lazy to program him a chainsaw.

Chapter 1

  • Snorlax - Blocking your path until the full version of Chapter 1 is released!


  • Stalker Chicken - A chicken who stalks Lolly.
  • Wiki Users - Will appear in Chapter 2: The Wiki!
  • Afrobloom - Applebloom but with an afro. Provides tips in order to get her cutie mark.
  • Annie Johnson - A background character in Chapter 1. You can talk to her but will call Lolly a "fa**ot".
  • Dennis - A park character in Chapter 1.
  • Mel and Tim - The gay couple in The Restrooms.
  • Marionuppet - On the bench in Chapter 1.