Magic-Shroom is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It shoots magical playing cards which can burst into tantalizing perfume which slows and can hypnotize zombies. It is the seventh plant obtained in Party 99. Specifically after Night 25.


Magic-Shroom throws playing cards at zombies, which can burst into enchanting perfume that slows zombies, the perfume's slowing effect lasts for 10 seconds, the perfume occasionally hypnotizes zombies. But her cards also have a special ability. Her cards has a higher AoE at daytime areas, but small chance to hypnotize zombies, at nighttime areas however, her cards has a higher chance of bursting and hypnotizing while having a smaller AoE, so it's advised to create a strategy in advance.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 225

Damage: Moderate (Cards) Light (Perfume)

Range: Front & Back

Area: Varies (3x4 at day, 3x2 at night)

Recharge: Mediocre

Magic-Shrooms throws magical playing cards which has special perfume

Special: Works better at night, but reaches further away at day

Almanac Entry: TBD


  • Bow Clip
  • Heart Dress

Plant Food

When fed Plant Food, the Magic-Shroom uses one glowing deck of cards and throws 4 of them at random zombies, the cards WILL burst into magic perfume, the special perfume WILL hypnotize zombies and has a chance to mutate the affected zombies into Gargantuars of that time period.


  • It's one of the many plants to be referred as a female by the almanac.