The Magic Bean is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It attacks zombies using playing cards, magician imps and other tricks. It is the special endium of Party 99. It is unlocked after Millenium Mayhem Night 65.


Magic Beans can attack zombies using playing cards, hat tricks, ring tosses, needle rains and magician imps. The attacks varies in range, AoE and effects

  • Playing Card Attack: Throws playing cards to 3 adjacent lanes, hitting 5 zombies before coming back and hitting them again, each card deals 7 nds
  • Hat Trick: Uses it's hat and launches a random projectile that deals heavy-huge damage (Huge damage projectiles never exceed 45 nds)
  • Ring Toss Wrangling: Creates 2 rings and throws them to groups of zombies closest to home, stunning them for 20 seconds
  • Needle Rain: Rains down small needles at a tile with groups of zombies, 50% chance to poison zombies, the poison deals 2 nds/second and lasts for 5 seconds, the needle rain itself deals 15 nds
  • Necrotrickery: Summons a Magician Imp

The Magic Bean's attack pattern depends on it's location on the lawn, much like Red Stinger, but unlike Red Stinger, this plant is not limited to those attacks, it simply has higher chances of doing those specific attacks.


  • Columns 1-3: Higher chance of Hat Tricks and Playing Cards
  • Column 4-5: Higher chance of Ring Tosses
  • Column 6: Higher chance of Needle Rains
  • Column 7-9: Higher chance of Necrotrickeries

The Magic Bean also has a 10 second delay in between actions, so be wary of that.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 600

Damage: Varies

Toughness: Uplifted

Recharge: Slow

Magic Beans attacks incoming zombies using a variety of magic tricks.

Special: Has 5 different attacks with their own damage, range, AoE, and effect

Almanac Entry: TBD


  • TBD

Plant Food

When fed Plant Food, the Magic Bean will attack zombies in 3 adjacent lanes using giant playing cards that deals 25 nds each, 2 random Plant Food projectiles that deals huge to massive damage, giant power rings that stuns zombies for 40 seconds, poisonous needle storms that hits a maximum of 5 zombie groups, dealing 10 nds each, the poison dealing 3 nds/second, lasting for 5 seconds and summons an special Magician Gargantuar. Though after doing this, all Magic Beans onscreen will fall asleep for 30 seconds and cannot be fed Plant Food, but the Magic Beans won't fall asleep until the fed Magic Bean finishes it's Plant Food ability.