Manufac-Tree is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is obtained in the Industrial Revolution on Day 31 and is the tenth plant obtained there. It fires Attack Apples that fly over to the toughest zombie, shoot down seeds, and then dive-bombs into it. It then takes a bit of time to reload.


Manufac-Tree fires Attack Apples. Attack Apples rain down many seeds upon the toughest zombie, and then dive-bomb into them for a large amount of damage. Attack Apples cannot be defeated by any means, but after firing one, Manufac-Tree is left open for attack, as it needs to take 30 sec. to reload.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 275

Damage: High
Range: Full Board
Recharge: Slow

Builds and releases Attack Apples that fly to the toughest zombie and rain down seeds before divebombing and exploding into the zombie. Takes time for Manufactree to reload.

Manufac-Tree is the Tree of Wisdom's little cousin. In fact, Manufac-Tree himself is the cousin of Firnace and Torchwood, who are already brothers. And not to forget Sap-fling, his little brother. Manufac-Tree only found out about all this until recently. Who knew he had such a big family tree?

Plant Food Effect

Manufac-Tree builds a large armada of Attack Apples. They do much more damage and their dive-bomb explosion is bigger.


  • Manufac-Tree is the second of two tree plant in the Industrial Revolution.
  • Manufac-Tree's name is a portmanteau of the words manufacture and tree.