The Milennium Bulb is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It delivers a technological armageddon to zombies when activated. It is the special hero plant of Party 99. It is unlocked along with it's trophy after Night 22. It is reffered by multiple characters as a "secret weapon".


Milennium Bulb delivers a technological armageddon when triple-clicked, but then it has to wait 30 seconds before doing it again, it's technological armageddon consists on:

  • Big red lasers zapping random zombies
  • Huge fireballs falling from the sky
  • And dropping an A-Bomb to defeat the remaining zombies.

It also has a regular attack mode which makes him alternate between:

  • Shooting red lasers that deals 5 nds
  • Shooting one "rainbolt" without sun cost
  • Blasting a wave of fire at 3 adjacent lanes
  • Using a catapult, shoots 1 big melon
  • Using a cannon, shoots 1 orange bulb

Aside from those offensive capabilities, here are the remaining abilities:

  • Can withstand 45 bites
  • Is immune to magic
  • Can be moved around (much like any Hero character)

But all those great abilities comes at a cost, a very big sun cost...

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 2000

Damage: Varies

Toughness: Elevated

Recharge: Sluggish

Milennium Bulb brings down a technological armageddon when activated, then waits for 30 seconds, also has an assortment of secondary attacks to protect itself when not waiting, it is a hero plant, which means once it's defeated, it can't be used for the rest of the level.

Special: Destroys all zombies onscreen when activated

Special: Has secondary attacks to protect itself when not waiting

Weakness: Must wait after bringing down a technological armageddon

Weakness: Cannot be used for the rest of the level once defeated

Almanac Entry: Grown by Crazy Dave in the year 1999, he's currently very easily influenced, if he falls into the wrong hands, who knows what disaster would happen. But right now the only disaster that could happen is a toilet accident, he's not exactly potty trained...


  • "2000" Goggles
  • Masquerade Mask

Plant Food

When fed Plant Food the Milennium Bulb drops a nuke on the lawn and shields all plants, destroying all zombies onscreen, leaves scorched tiles on tiles without plants, the shield heals all plants onscreen and all plants with timers will be reset.