The Para-Shroom is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It attacks zombies using it's caps and protects plants from areal assault and incoming projectiles. It is the second plant obtained in Party '99. Specifically after Night 3.


Para-Shroom attacks zombies within 6 tiles in front of it using it's cap and regrows it quickly, each cap deals 0.75 nds. It also has a secondary function of deflecting areal assaults such as falling objects and incoming projectiles such as fireworks, though it's not recommended to rely on these plants for too long as they will only last for 90 seconds unless boosted.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 25

Damage: Light

Range: 6 tiles

Recharge: Fast

Para-Shrooms attacks zombies with light-damaging caps, protects plants from aerial assault and incoming projectiles but only lasts for a limited time

Range Details: Hits all zombies within 6 tiles in front of it

Special: Protects plants from aerial assault and incoming projectiles

Weakness: Lasts for a limited time

Almanac Entry: Para-Shroom never understands why people likes to throw rocks and stuff at him, even though he can easily deflect all those things away from him, people doesn't really know how tiring it is, it consumes energy, time and plant power, they just don't know!


  • Parasol
  • Glass O' Lemonade

Plant Food

When given Plant Food, Para-Shroom gets a forcefield that protects a 3x3 area (shown by the tiles glowing) and throws a large cap that deals 40 nds and goes through all zombies in 3 adjacent lanes. the field resets the timer of all Para-Shrooms in it and makes them last forever as long as they stay in the field. The field doesn't affect regular walking zombies, but it does affect falling zombies, areal assaults, incoming projectiles and magic. multiple boosted Para-Shrooms will increase the width of one field regardless of their location on the lawn as long as it's in the field's area.


  • It is the first Offensive plant obtained in Party '99.