Plants vs. Zombies: Retro Attack

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Created By:  Birdpool
Release date:  May 29th, 2015
Franchise:  Plants vs. Zombies
Prequel:  Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Number of levels: 21
Creation Method: GameMaker 8.0 pro

GameMaker 8.1 Lite.

Current Version: v4.35.0.5
Latest update released: June 30th, 2015

Plants vs. Zombies: Retro Attack is a game in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise which is made by Birdstar. It is still planned to be updated.


There are 3 Plants in the game so far, and more are planned.

Some levels start out with peas on the board, and some levels have multiple plants!

Peashooter: Press <SPACE> to shoot a pea at the zombies. Has 10HP. Run over Potatoes to collect them.


Repeater: Press <SPACE> to shoot TWO peas! 5 HP, then turns into a Peashooter.


Teashooter: (Teashooter) Press <SPACE> to shoot a Tea Pea at the zombies for twice the damage per hit! 5 HP, then turns into a Peashooter. Also deals light splash damage as of a future update (currently working out bugs.)


Flaming Pea: Press <SPACE> to shoot a fire pea at the zombies for extra damage (2)! 5 - 10 HP (unconfirmed), then turns into Repeater.

Fire Peashooter PvZRA



There are 3 zombies so far XD. There are 3 bosses.

Base: Basic zombie with 1 HP. (3 in next update)

Buckethead: Buckethead. Has 5 HP. (12 in next update)

Peashooter Zombie: A special new zombie that shoots a hostile pea at you once per second. 5 HP

Helmet Zombie: A new zombie featured in World 4, this zombie has 25 HP and is basically a tank unit unlocked in World 4.

Gatling Zombie: This is a 5 HP zombie carrying a Gatling Gun, which shoots 5 bullets at a time. The bullets deal no damage to Flaming Pea or Snow Pea, but most plants take 3 damage.


Zombot Ret-tron: Featured in The Return Zone (pvzcc world, it's not in this game), PvZRR, and now PvZRA, The ZRT is stripped of it's superpowers and now is just a basic boss tank unit. In World 3, it spawns zombies, and as well in worlds thereafter. In World 4, it will have a more advanced spawning system. It has 40 HP in the first encounter, and the second has 50 HP. The third encounter has 75 HP, and the fourth encounter will be planned to have 100 HP, the fifth encounter is planned to have at least 125 HP.

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