Plants vs. Zombies Online
Name Plants vs. Zombies Online
Developer Game Creation Wiki
Genre Tower Defense
More Info
Number of levels 1
Game-creating Engine JavaScript
Made by Game Creation Wiki
Freeze FREEZE: The project relating to this page has been frozen and put into cryostasis until further notice. Therefore, when it is revisited and unfrozen, this information may be subject to change.

Plants vs. Zombies Online is a tower defense game created by the Game Creation Wiki. This is the game that inspired the creation of this wiki. The head directors of the project are King Pea and Thecoollittlepeashooter.

Its current version is beta 0.8.3, and it is still being developed by the Plants vs. Zombies Online Team. Its Beta released on May 12.


Currently Worked On

  • Player's House

Other Worlds

(Note: Not every world listed is confirmed and the names are subject to change)

  • Player's House
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Pirate Seas
  • Wild West
  • Far Future
  • Undead Dynasty
  • Dark Ages
  • Big Wave Beach
  • Frostbite Caves
  • Lost City
  • Neon Mixtape Tour
  • Tiki Island
  • Jurassic Marsh
  • Space Race
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Garden Warfare
  • Party '99
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Canadian Pines
  • Mission Implantable
  • City of Atlantis
  • Distant Coldfront
  • Great Depression
  • Viking Times
  • Arabian Nights
  • Gold Rush
  • Tropic Terror
  • Roaring Twenties
  • Painful Canvas
  • Dramatic Act
  • Wright Flight
  • Electrodome
  • Atomic Apocalypse
  • Time Twister

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Plants vs. Zombies Online: City of Atlantis

Plants vs. Zombies Online: Distant Coldfront

Plants vs. Zombies Online: Atomic Apocalypse

Plants vs. Zombies Online: The Roaring Twenties

Plants vs. Zombies Online: Electrodome

Dramatic Act - 1875 Theatre World

Can you help?

With Plants and Zombies

Well, if you have an idea for a plant or zombie, put it in the pages below. From there, we will review the ideas and pick out the ones we like (with proper credit to the creator of course).

Plants vs. Zombies Online: Reserved Plants

Plants vs. Zombies Online: Reserved Zombies

With Worlds

We will look at submitted world ideas, but the chance of them getting implemented into the game is fairly low. It's gimmick may be implemented in another world.


If you have want to help out in some other way, feel free to go over to the Plants vs. Zombies Online thread and join the most recent planning thread to share your thoughts!



Beta/Unused Content

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  • This is the game that lead to the creation of this wiki.
  • The head directors of the project are King Pea and thecoollittlepeashooter.
  • Only people who participated in the development of this game and wiki users who have approval from the head directors may play the game.
    • The game will only be available to play on this wiki and nowhere else.
  • It is forbidden to advertise this game in any way of shape or form to prevent its shut down.
    • This includes footage or images on social networks.
    • However if it is completely private and can't be seen by EA, it is an exception.
  • This game is the Game Creation Wiki's first collaborative project.
  • This game is an exception to the wiki's rule about originality as it is what lead to the creation of this wiki.
  • The game was originally thought of on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.
    • The first project was started by a user called Coconut Cannon, he claimed he had permission from EA to make the game. This turned out to be false and the project was scrapped and Coconut Cannon went offline after suspicion from users like Buzzy Buzz.
      • A revival of the first project by King Pea was started on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki after the demise of the first. King Pea promised he would actually ask EA for permission and while everyone was waiting, they'd develop the game. Unfortunately EA said that we couldn't make the game and the project was scrapped. After the project was scrapped many users still wanted to work on a game which prompted Buzzy Buzz to create this wiki. Most of the concepts developed in this project were carried on to the current one.
        • A third project was created by King Pea and the coollittlepeashooter after contacting EA. EA said as long as the game is private and isn't advertised, it can be made. This leads us to the present where King Pea, thecoollittlepeashooter and the rest of the development team are working on the game. This game is made to commemorate the creation of this wiki.