This is a list of unused or beta elements for this project.

Seed Packets

These are the beta elements of the seed packets.

  • Normal Seed Packets were originally going to be blue and Zenium Seed Packets were originally supposed to be green, but the Normal Seed Packet was made green, the blue one was scrapped and the new Zenium Seed Packet has yet to be made.
  • Endium Seed Packets were originally just plain red, however a new version was made with battle damage scars to make it more unique.

Unused Plants

  • Murcereed - Unused, it was supposed to be in Space Race
  • GrapeBoo - Unused, it was supposed to be in Wild West
  • Monkshood - Unused, it was supposed to be in Party '99
  • Shroom-Bloom - Unused, it was supposed to be in Party '99
  • Everlight Mushrooms - Unused, it was supposed to be in Party '99
  • Angel Trumpet - Unused, too OP
  • Peasiosaur /Plectrosaur- A better pun was found for the plant and turned into the Plectrosaur, then it was changed to Treesiosaur.

Unused Worlds

  • Project Paradox: Project Paradox was originally a world based off Modern Day and was supposed to be the precursor to the Time Twister and contain the Shadow Plants, it was later fused into the Time Twister.
  • Canadian Pines: A world based in a forrest in Canada, it was scrapped because it was not really a time period, rather a location.
  • American Discovery: A world based on the discovery of the American Isles. Its original gimmick was to have a short 2-tile beach like Big Wave Beach (though the tides would not change), and a forest on the 4th lane where native zombies would start from. Both Native and Explorer zombies would appear. It was scrapped because it would be too hard to code.