This is the list of achievements from Plants vs. Zombies Online.

Travel Log's Arena Showdown:

Chip The Chippings: Complete a level without spending any wood chippings.

Ticklish: Tickle 10 zombies in a single level.

Quest Complete!: Complete Travel Log's Arena Showdown.

In The Nick Of Time: Plant A Spectator Shroom just before a zombie eats a plant.

Space Race:

Gravitation 3000!: Plant 8 Gravity Nuts in a level.

Lunarity: Unleash the Lunar Gargantuar.

One Giant Leap For Plantkind: Beat the Zombot.

ROCKET CRASH: Destroy all zombies on screen with a single Carrot Rocket Plant Food.

Industrial Revolution

Let There Be Light: Light up the smog with Light Bulb.

Fighting Smoke With Smoke: Plant Food 5 Smoke Stacks in one level.

S.E.E.D. Sapping: Destroy 5 machines with S.E.E.D. in a single level.

Fired: Defeat 10 zombies with one Firnace.

Smokestacked: Unleash the Smokestack Gargantuar!

Worker Safety: Don't let an Oil Spill Zombie explode in a level with Oil Spill Zombies and Blowtorch Zombies.

Once Feared Factory: Reach level 30 in Fear Factory.

Taking Chances: Have 20 Poppys at once.

Mass Production: Have 10 Assembly Vines at once.

He Believed He Could Fly: Knock down a Balloon Zombie Beta with the Duria-pult.

The Future is Now, Thanks to Science: Unlock Dr. Frankenberry.

Not the Boss/Break Time: Complete the Industrial Revolution.