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  The City of Atlantis is a world in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It takes place during 360 BC, where the first rumors of Atlantis started appearing in literature (however, the zombies are based more on mythology than the time period). It has 30 levels. This outline was created by MangledMangle, however any other ideas for this world will be credited to the owner of said idea.

Game Description

Welcome to the Not-So-Lost City of Atlantis! Beware what lurks in the murky depths, and believe it or not, air is scarce! Keep your plants safe from the monsters of the deep, deep sea, and always beware what swims in the darkness.

Environment Modifiers

  • Underwater: You'll need to plant your plants in bubbles to keep them safe. These bubbles have a downside though: they pop easily, and the zombies don't have to wait to eat the plant before they drown in the water. The solution? Bubble Weed!
  • Deep Sea: Some zombies will hide in the darkness below, like Deep Sea Zombie or the Kelp Zombies.

Endless Zone

Sunken Shipwreck. (Unlocked after Day 18)

Starting Plants

  • Bubble Weed
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower


An * means that a plant can only be planted in water.

An ** means a plant can be planted above and in water.


The ambush of this world is: "Marine Wave!" (a wave of Marine Ecologist Zombies) and "Kelp Swarm!" (where the Kelp Zombies come out of somewhere in the Deep Sea.

  • Sunken Zombie
  • Sunken Conehead Zombie
  • Sunken Buckethead Zombie
  • Sunken Flag Zombie
  • Sunken Kelp Zombie (and conehead + buckethead variants)
  • Ancient Gargantuar Guard
  • Kelp Imp
  • Crab Imp
  • Marine Ecologist Zombie
  • Deep Sea Zombie
  • Poseidon Zombie
  • Submarine Zombie
  • Loch Ness Zombie
  • Mermaid Zombie
  • Umibōzu
  • Shadow Zombie
  • Shadow Conehead
  • Shadow Buckethead
  • Shadow Flag Zombie
  • Shadow Imp
  • Shadow Gargantuar
  • Ghost Ship Crew Zombies
  • Ghost Ship Captain Zombie
  • Zombot Cyber-Cthulhunator 20,000

Bubble Weed

A defensive plant that protects plants within from water and zombies.

Sun Cost: 50

Toughness: Elevated

Damage: None

Recharge: Fast

Attack Speed: None

Costume: Snorkel

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Shoots 4 other Bubble Weeds to other locations close to the house.

Almanac Entry: He's terrified of almost everything, and is often called a "bubble boy". But when it comes time to fight, the other plants admire him for going into battle and protecting them from the underwater threats. Yeah, it's a different story above water, so that's why he spends most of his time underwater. He also can pop easily above water, so, y' know.

Oxygen Algae

Provides a cross-shape area of air for plants to breathe. Spend sun to increase the range!

Sun Cost: 50

Toughness: Typical

Damage: None

Recharge: Fast

Range Details:

  • Level 1 (75 Sun): Increase to a 3x3 range.
  • Level 2 (125 Sun): Increase to a diamond-shaped range.
  • Level 3 (200 Sun): Increase to a 5x5 range.

Attack Speed: None

Costume: Goggles

Plant Food: Instantly grows to a 5x5 range.

Almanac Entry: TBA


Can be planted underwater. Fires shots that can trap zombies in bubbles. May fire ink that slows down zombies.

Sun Cost: 200

Toughness: Normal

Damage: Moderate

Recharge: Fast

Attack Speed: Mediocre

Costume: Seaweed

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Shoots eight large shots that circle Octopea, and pierce through zombies.

Almanac Entry: Octopea is very messy and everything he owns is covered in ink. But whatever it takes to fight the zombies. Though Fairy Moss is always trying to clean everything up, Octopea gets it back to normal in about 5 seconds. Fairy Moss ins't a quitter though.


Shoots fish that attack zombies in water, and flop off zombies on the surface. It can be combed with Blover/Hurrikale for a surprise! In the water, the fish will swim around and attack random zombies, kinda like Lightning Reed's plant food, but might not kill the zombie before going to another.

Sun Cost: 150

Toughness: Normal

Damage: Depends

Recharge: Mediocre

Attack Speed: Depends

Costume: Purple rimmed glasses

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Sends out a swarm of fish to attack (or flop on) random zombies.

Almanac Entry: Anemone own a costume shop, and is the creator of most of the costume the plants love to wear. Fish have more uses than most people think, even of they have a 3 second memory span.


Shoots torpedoes that home in on any obstacles first (ex. graves, surfboards, octopi). If there are no obstacles, they shoot at a zombie and explode in a small 1x2 area.

Sun Cost: 250

Toughness: Normal

Damage: Heavy

Recharge: Sluggish

Attack Speed: Sluggish

Costume: Shark fin

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Shoots four large torpedoes, doing huge damage in a small area.

Almanac Entry: Torpeado is captain of the S.S. Pea, where many plants get to take a lovely cruise and explore the wonders of the world. Sometimes though, they run into zombie problems, and that's why the ship is equipped with 32 missiles, 45 torpedoes, and 20 different cannons. Yeah, guess you could say he went a bit "overboard".

Treasure Chestnut

Shoots out junk such as tires, boots, and cans, each with their own damage. On occasion may shoot out treasure like silver and gold coins, and very rarely, gems.

Sun Cost: 200

Toughness: Typical

Damage: Pebble (Light), Can (Normal), Fish Bones (Moderate), Boot (Heavy), Tire (Moderate, and bounces off three zombies), Dinosaur Bones (Heavy in a 1x3 area) and RV (Massive and rare).

Recharge: Sluggish

Attack Speed: Normal

Costume: Eye patch

Charging up time: none

Plant Food: Shoots all zombies with one possible item.

Almanac Entry: Treasure Chestnut is always fishing for the big catches. His dream is to someday catch the fabled Loch Ness Fish, and become the headline of the Plants Daily. As he waits, he thinks he sees another legendary beast. One he could only describe as...the Gobblewonker...

Snailseed Pondweed

Shoots seeds at the zombies at a very fast rate. Zombies hit with his projectiles produce a smile behind them that slow down other zombies.

Sun Cost: 150

Toughness: Typical

Damage: Light

Recharge: Fast

Attack Speed: Very Fast

Costume: Handlebar moustache

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Shoots three giant seeds doing massive damage.

Almanac Entry: Snailseed Pondweed, most plants have to agree, has the coolest name out of them all. He's always wanted the name "Larry" though. An odd choice, considering most of the plants' names though, but it's always been his dream.


Traps and slowly devours a tile of 10 zombies. Cannot be eaten, only squished. When eating acts as a defensive plant.

Sun Cost: 450

Toughness: One hit from a rolling enemy.

Damage: Massive

Recharge: Very Slow

Attack Speed: Slow

Costume: Smiling flowers

Charging up time: 20 sec.

Plant Food: Causes a whirlpool to suck in the zombies. After finishing the effect he'll snatch the 20 strongest zombies on the tile.

Almanac Entry: Waterwheel is a mysterious plant. No one really knows him, and the plants that do know him say that they can't talk about him. He's always shrouding himself in darkness, except when he's painting rainbows on the wall.


Prevents Poseidon Zombie from using his powers, so long as he's planted on the lawn. If there is no Poseidon Zombies on field, he'll shoot tridents that hit the three strongest zombies.

Sun Cost: 150

Toughness: Typical

Damage: Moderate

Recharge: Sluggish

Attack Speed: 1/2, three at a time.

Costume: Trident

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Shoots three sets of three tridents to hit the three strongest zombies.

Almanac Entry: Once the plants clear out the zombies from Atlantis, Posidonia wants to rule. The plants definitely agree. He's a great leader, who's kind and caring. The only problem is, he's not the brightest plant around.

Sea Weed

Sea Weeds allow for aquatic plants to be planted on land.

Sun Cost: 50

Toughness: Typical

Damage: None

Recharge: Fast

Attack Speed: None

Costume: Bow tie

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Spawns 4 Sea Weeds around it

Almanac Entry: Sea Weed is basically the exact opposite of Bubble Weed, but they still get along well, as little as they see each other, even though Bubble Weed's pretty energetic while Sea Weed is cool and laid back. Ironically, Sea Weed wants to live in water, while Bubble Weed wants to at least see land. It gets weirder though. Red is Bubble Weed's favorite color, Blue is Sea Weed's. Sea Weed likes dogs, Bubble Weed like cats. It goes on and on. The only thing that isn't complete opposite of them is how weird they both think it is.

Sea Star Fruit (Gemium)

Rolls down a lane. The further it goes the more damage it does, and it has the chance to steal armor from zombies.

Sun Cost: 200

Toughness: Typical

Damage: Moderate

Recharge: Mediocre

Attack Speed: Depends

Costume: Afro

Charging up time: None

Plant Food: Calls four more starts to roll down the remaining lanes.

Almanac Entry: Sea Star Fruit loves to get dizzy and spin all day long. It's pretty much his life now, so when he was recruited to fight zombies, he couldn't let that go. He knew what he had to do.

Elecoral (Endium)

Ele-coral fires balls of electricity at the zombies. Zombies in contact with a Bubble Weed when it passes by will take extra damage. All zombies on the lawn are damaged slightly, due to the electricity traveling through the water.

Sun Cost: 200

Toughness: Typical

Damage: Moderate

Recharge: Fast

Attack Speed: Normal


Plant Food: Fires three balls of electricity in the lane above, in its own, and below. Each ball does a total of 60 damage, and will do damage to zombies that it passes by. Once it deals out all of its damage, it will disappear.

Almanac Entry: TBA

(Beat 50 Levels in Sunken Shipwreck to unlock it.)

Sushi Stem (Coinium)

Sushi Stem starts out doing normal damage, but the more zombies it kills, the better damage it does.

Sun Cost: 150

Toughness: Typical

Damage: Normal - Heavy

Recharge: Mediocre

Attack Speed: Normal

Costume: Rising Sun bandana

Plant Food: Instantly grows to huge damage for a while, and then reverts back to heavy damage.

Almanac Entry: TBA

Solarflower (Zenium)

Solarflower can be clicked to charge up sun from the counter, and double clicked to fire off a beam that does damage according to how much sun you stored.

Sun Cost: 275

Toughness: Typical

Damage: Normal - Huge

Recharge: Sluggish

Attack Speed: Depends

Costume: Sunglasses

Charging up time: Depends

Plant Food: Gathers power from all sun-producing plants and fires off a huge beam, that does at lest a heavy amount of damage.

Almanac Entry: TBA

Water Lily (Hero Plant)

Captain W. Lily is the writer of the Shadow Zombies' almanac entries. She is a hero plant that can shoot blasts of scalding water to damage zombies, or a blast of freezing water to freeze them and put out fires. Once eaten she cannot be used again until the next level.

Sunken Zombie

Regular ancient downed zombie.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: Sunken Zombie knows how to deal with water. He knows a lot of zombies crack when they meet with water, so it makes him feel special to know that he can withstand the pressure. In reality though, he's just another Basic Zombie.

Sunken Conehead Zombie

His kingly cone gives him twice the protection of a normal sea dweller.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: Even if he's only a little strong, he considers himself the king of the Sunken Zombies. But ever since then, some other zombies have been stealing his style, and it's getting hard to tell who's the original. Know there's just a whole mass of Sunken Conehead Zombies waiting to be checked to find out who's the real king.

Sunken Buckethead Zombie

His sand castle "bucket" gives him great protection.

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: This guy has an affinity for buckets. Probably because before Atlantis sunk, he was always seen making sand castle with, guess what? Buckets. He has a whole collection of buckets, from ones with gems embedded in them, to just regular ol' buckets. Heck, he's even made sand buckets with buckets. It's just all buckets, buckets, buckets.

Sunken Flag Zombie

Marks the arrival of a murky "wave" of zombies.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: He's not sure how the flag even stays intact underwater. It's a little weird to be honest. He just does his job, but yeah, that kinda creeps him out.

Sunken Kelp Zombie

Rises from the depths during an ambush.

Toughness: Average - Hardened

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: Some zombies decided it would be fun to play around in the kelp. Now once every 1,000 years, the legend of the Greener-Than-Usual Zombies comes true, and they come out of the sea. But that's just a myth.

Ancient Guard Gargantuar

The protecter of the ancient city wields a marble column to take your brains.

Toughness: Great

Speed: Hungry

Almanac Entry: Man o' man, Ancient Guard Gargantuar spent 10 straight months of eating cereal to get a trident. He was so happy when he got it. So happy that he jumped out of joy so high that he knocked out the Titanic! Yes, that is how the Titanic sank.

Kelp Imp

The kelp-covered imp is tossed far into your defenses, and swims forward.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Hungry

Almanac Entry: Kelp Imp spends most of his time covering himself in kelp. That's not where he gets his name though. His full name is Kelp Jared Stine Garett Jarlold Harvey Mark III. But he prefers to be called Kelp. Another option is Kelpy. Or Kelp Jr. Or Larry.

Crab Imp

His pinchers do extra damage to tear though your defenses.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Creeper

Special: Pinchers do extra damage

Almanac Entry: Although not crazy about riding the back of a Gargantuar, that doesn't mean he hasn't wanted to. See, the thing is that the Gargantuars just can't handle the poking of Crab Imp. Not to mention he's always complaining about the ride. Guess you could say he's a little...crabby...

Marine Ecologist Zombie

Drop in from the surface and quickly moves forward.

Toughness: Solid

Speed: Speedy

Special: Drops in far into the lawn and moves forward.

Almanac Entry: Marine Ecologist Zombie loves studying the undead nature of the aquatic lifeforms in the world. He's not even a real scientist, although his brother, Marine Biologist, is. Even if he is usually harmless to marine life, he has to admit that octopus tastes delicious.

Sea Floor Zombie

Stays hidden under the depths of the sea.

Toughness: Solid

Speed: Hungry

Special: Moves discreetly under the sea.

Almanac Entry: Since he's always lurking deep under the sea, no one really sees him often. They assume that he must be swimming with the fishes, but then they remembered: he's already dead. In fact he's probably actually swimming with fishes now.

Poseidon Zombie

Splits the sea, popping Bubble Weeds and bubbles, and then slowly starts reverting it back to normal.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Creeper

Special: Parts the sea to get rid of bubbles and Bubble Weeds.

Weakness: Posidonia

Almanac Entry: Ancient Gargantuar Guard keeps stealing his trident, and he's really getting sick of it. He's told him again and again to not take his mystic trident, but Ancient Gargantuar Guard doesn't listen. He can't really blame him though. None of them have ears.

Submarine Zombie

Swims over plants with its hard shelled sub. When defeated, the sub sinks and acts as a grave.

Toughness: Machined

Speed: Creeper

Special: Swims over plants.

Almanac Entry: Submarine Zombie loves subs so much, that he has seventeen of them sitting at his house right now. In fact, he got a license to drive a sub. No one even knew there was a license to drive a delicious sandwich. No one even knew you could drive a delicious sandwich...

Loch Ness Zombie

Appears as two red eyes in the depths until uncovered. When uncovered, it pops its head out of the sand and slinks forward, easily eating plants.

Toughness: Machined

Speed: Creeper

Special: Eats plants with ease, and can only be hit when uncovered.

Almanac Entry: "Growl, roar" says Loch Ness Zombie in his interview for the news. "What's your main line of work?" asks the news reporter. The Loch Ness Zombie stares him deep in the eyes and says: "Well I personally don't have work of any kind seeing as how I'm a large mythical sea creature from Scotland, but I guess I work for Dr. Zomboss if that counts?".

Mermaid Zombie

Quickly swims in and dives under the ground, waiting for opportunities to move forward.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Flighty

Special: Stays under the sand until it sees an opportunity to swim forward and dive under again.

Almanac Entry: Currently looking for her pearls, treasure, diamonds, gems, and her pet clam. She loses things often.


??? Slinks forward during a certain level. Anything else is unknown.

After encountering it, if the player survives its attack, it will appear randomly in the background of other worlds as purely cosmetic. Should it reach the players house, all zombies instantly die, and a warped version of the Atlantis Zombies Ate Your Brains music plays. You are then taken to a level simply named: THEDARKNESS. Everything is pitch black, besides the plants, tiles on the floor, and the demented eyes of the zombies you're fighting. The zombies are known as Shadow Zombies, and take 13 normal damage shots. Other than being nearly invisible except for their eyes, they're nothing special. Sun still falls from the sky, though it's colored differently. It only appears in one level.

Toughness: ???

Speed: ???

Special: ???

Almanac Entry: @%&{^@%&(>?>}{%H$^&(@*%@#${>>}{&@M̵̶̡̀͞I̷̡̕͜͢M̵̵̀͟I̴̵̴͘͡M̸̴͟҉Ì̡̢͜͝M̀͞͝:{$@*(*((&{&@%@>+@(&%^*@&(%@%*&^($*^*&*!&M҉̶I̷̸͢M̶̢I͜͢M̵̡̕͢͝ÍM̨͜͟I͟͡M̴̵҉)*%&#(&^${>^>Wkh vkls kdv jrqh grzq. Doo wkdw'v ohiw lv ghdwk. Sohdvh vhqg khos. Qr. Lw'v edfn. Lw qhyhu ohdyhv, qr pdwwhu krz idu zh jr. Lw dozdbv frphv edfn. Lw dozd-+E@(&%^*@%U$^&(@*%@#${>>}{&@:&(%}"#?}L{>}{%$^&(LW'V PDGH RI QLJKWPDUHV. LW'V HBHV, PDGH RI WHDUV. GRQ'W ORRN DW LW, RU LW'O EH WKH RQH WKLQJ BRX IHDU,@*%M̴̢͠Í̡́͜҉M҉̶I̷̸͢I͢M̵̶̡̀͞I̷̡̕͜͢M̵̵̀͟I̴̵̴͘͡M̸̴͟҉Ì̡̢͜͝M̀͞͝I̴̡̧͜M̕͜I̧M̶͝Į̶͠@#${>{&@&&@(3-L3tt3r$-Back(@*%@#${>>}{&@:&(%}"#?}{>}{%U$^&(@*%P@#M̴̢͠Í̡́͜҉M҉̶I̷̸͢M̶̢I͜͢M̵̡̕͢͝ÍM̨͜͟I͟͡${>>}{&U@&@&(@*%@#${

Shadow Zombie

Only appears in THEDARKNESS.

Regular darkness-comprised zombie.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: July 6th, xx56,
L'yh qhyhu vhhq vxfk d vwudqjh dqrpdob ehiruh. L pxvw ghoyh ghhshu lqwr wklv. Lw pdb krog wkh vhf-

Shadow Conehead

Only appears in THEDARKNESS.

It's corrupt cone gives it twice the protection of a normal demon.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: -uhwv L'yh ehhq orrnlqj iru. Qrz wklv whuuleoh pbvwhub fdq ilqdoob eh odlg wr uhvw. L'oo vwduw orrnlqj iru lw djdlq wrpruurz.
~Cap_ain L___

Shadow Buckethead

Only appears in THEDARKNESS.

His deathly bucket provides a ghastly defense against damage.

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: July 7th, xx56,
Lw'v doo frplqj wr ph qrz. Wklv lv wkh wklqj wkdw'v ehhq fdxvlqj wkh qljkwpduhv, dqg hyhubwklqj hovh whuuleoh kdsshqlqj wr wkh wrzq. Hyhubwklqj frphv wrjhwkhu. Exw krz fdq zh vwrs lw? L wklqn L vhh lw'v rqh zhdnqhvv. Wkdw zrxog eh wkdw lw'v vxvfhswleoh wr o__g qr_-

Shadow Flag Zombie

Only appears in THEDARKNESS.

Brings forth a lurking "wave" of zombies from the shadows.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: Bhv! Wkdw vhhpv wr vwxq lw, dqg eulqj iruwk d skbvlfdo irup. Wkxv, dqg dwwdfn fdq eh eurxjkw xsrq lw. L pxvw nhhs wklv lqirupdwlrq vhfuhw. Zkr nqrzv zkdw hovh lw fdq gr lq d skbvlfdo irup. L'oo suhirup wklv rq lw, ohw'v vdb, wrpruurz. L krsh iru wkh ehvw.
~Capt__n _. _il_

Shadow Imp

Only appears in THEDARKNESS.

Crawls out of the darkness past most of your defenses, then b-lines it to your brains.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Speedy

Almanac Entry: July 8, xx56,
Douljkw, L'p suhsdulqj wkh fdqqrq dv ri qrz. Lw'v lq pb vljkwv, dqg lw'v mxvw vwdulqj dw ph. Bhhvk. Douljkw khuh lw jrhv lq 3... 2... 1...

Zhoo khuh duh wkh uhvxowv: wkh fuhdwxuh vxgg-

Shadow Gargantuar

Only appears in THEDARKNESS.

The embodiment of fear and despair, come together to form a colossal beast of darkness.

Toughness: Great

Speed: Hungry

Damage: Crushes plants with darkness.

Special: Throws Shadow Imp when damaged.

Special: Can cause the darkness to creep up and kill a plant from far away.

Special: Can recede into the darkness to hide from attacks.

Almanac Entry: -hqob gursshg edfn lqwr wkh vhd, vhhplqjob lq ihdu. L qhyhu vdz lw djdlq, exw L fdq ihho d suhvhqfh durxqg wkh wrzq. L wklqn lw'v wlph L ohiw, wklv lv jhwwlqj wrr rxw ri kdqg. L pxvw wub vrphwklqj hovh. Wlph wudyho.
Captain W. Lily
P.S. 3 Letters Back

Ghost Ship Crew Zombies

After destroying their ghost ship, they'll be called out, and can't be defeated by normal means...

Toughness: Immortal

Speed: Basic

Special: Requires the defeat of the Ghost Ship Captain.

Almanac Entry: Ghost Ship Crew Zombie is always confused. He's two undead creatures in one; a zombie and a ghost. Does that mean he's living? It's hard to think, especially when you don't have a brain. Or does he have a ghost brain? Did he get turned into a zombie and then a ghost or vice versa? Ow. His not-brain hurts.

Ghost Ship Captain

Does nothing but walk forward, but is the source of the Ghost Ship Crew Zombies. Killing him kills the Ghost Ship Crew Zombies.

Toughness: Solid

Speed: Basic

Special: Is the source of the ghost ship's and Ghost Ship Crew Zombies' power.

Almanac Entry: Yeah, he's a ghost. So what? That just means he can't be killed since he's already dead. Twice even. He's not sure how his ship sunk in the first place. He's pretty sure that someone just accidentally fired the cannon the wrong way, but maybe something more...mysterious...happened. He had been hearing of this ancient creature before he set sail...

Zombot Cyber-Cthulhunator 20,000

The terrifying beast from the murky depths of the sea.

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Hungry


Special: Sends out squids that spray ink to stun plants.

Almanac Entry: TBA

Exclusive Brain Busters

  • Stormy Seas: Everything is pitch black, and the only light comes form the occasional flash of lightning. Pretty much like Level 4-10 in PvZ1. You can click on the anglerfish swimming by to light up part of the lawn too.
  • Treasure Quest: Fight your way through 4 RPG based battles and a Boss using the attacking Atlantis plants of your choosing. Each plant has special attacks and each zombie has special abilities as well.
  • Ghost Battleship: Playing out like Battleship, the player has 30 seconds to set up a 5-tile, 4-tile, 3-tile, and 2-tile ships. The deep sea mechanic hides the other side's ships. The player and the CPU then take turns using Banana Launcher trying to knock out the other player's ships. Not only that, but zombies are still trying to get to the house, and plants have to defend.

Vasebreaker Pack Levels Table

Name: Sunken Challenge Pack

Bubble Weeds pre-planted in front of the vases.

Name Plants Zombies Total Vases Types of Vases
Kelp Kelp and More Kelp Anemone (5), Robo-nut (2), Bonk Choy (5) Sunken Conehead (2), Kelp Imp (8), Crab Imp (1), Kelp Zombie (9) 35

(15 Plants) (20 Zombies)

Green(3), Brown (32)
Just a Myth Posidonia (2),

Elecoral (8)

Loch Ness Zombie (1), Mermaid Zombie (5), Poseidon Zombie (4), Kelp Imp (7), Shadow Conehead (7) 35

(10 Plants) (24 Zombies

1 Plant Food)

Green(5), Brown(30)
Ghostly Encounters Coconut Cannon (5),

Anemone (5),

Infi-nut (5),

Waterwheel (5)

Ghost Ship (5), Ancient Gargantuar Guard (1), Deep Sea Zombie (4), Marine Ecologist Zombie (4), Crab Imp (5) 40

(20 Plants)

(19 Zombies

1 Plant Food)

Green(3), Brown(36), Purple(1)

I Zombie Pack Levels Table

Name: Sunken Zombie Pack

All plants except for aquatic plants are in Bubble Weeds.

Name Plants Zombies
Fresh Sushi Anemone (2), Octopea (5), Fume-Shroom(3) Sunken Zombie, Sunken Conehead, Sunken Buckethead, Deep Sea Zombie, Crab Imp, Kelp Imp
Sub-Marine Snailseed Pondweed (5), Elecoral (5), Wall-nut (5) Marine Ecologist Zombie, Submarine Zombie, Crab Imp
Hidden Mystery Kernel-pult (5), Melon-pult (3), Posidonia (3), Tall-nut (5), Octopea (4) Loch Ness Zombie, Mermaid Zombie, Poseidon Zombie, Ghost Ship, Shadow Zombie, Shadow Imp

Levels Table

Day Plants Zombies Level Type Reward Flags
1 Choice Sunken Quartet Normal Bubble Weed 2
2 Choice with Bubble Weed Sunken Quartet, Kelp Zombie Normal Oxygen Algae 2
3 Oxygen Algae, Octopea, Fume-Shroom, Endurian Sunken Quartet, Kelp Zombie, Kelp Imp Special Delivery Coins 2
4 Choice with Octopea Sunken Quartet, Kelp Imp, Kelp Zombie Normal Octopea 3
5 Choice Sunken Quartet, Kelp Zombie, Marine Ecologist Zombie Normal Coins 3
6 Choice with Anemone Sunken Quartet, Kelp Zombie, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Kelp Imp. Normal Anemone 3
7 Anemone Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie, Kelp Imp Special Delivery Present 2
8 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Kelp Imp, Deep Sea Zombie, Kelp Zombie Ghost Battleship Coins 3
9 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Kelp Imp, Deep Sea Zombie SOS (Bubble Weeds in the 1st column, Oxygen Algae on 3rd column in 2nd and 4th rows. Coins 1
10 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Kelp Imp, Submarine Zombie Normal Coins 3
11 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie Stormy Seas Present 4
12 Choice with Torpeado Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Kelp Imp, Deep Sea Zombie Normal Coins 3
13 Torpeado, Octopea, Peashooter, Fire Peashooter Sunken Quartet, Submarine Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie, Marine Ecologist Zombie Special Delivery Torpeado 3
14 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Submarine Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie, Kelp Imp Normal Captain's Log 3
15 Anemone, Octopea, Bubble Weed, Oxygen Algae, Torpeado Sunken Quartet, Ancient Guard Gargantuar, Kelp Imp, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Submarine Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie Special Delivery World Key 4
16 Choice Sunken Quartet, Crab Imp, Kelp Imp, Kelp Zombie, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie Normal Treasure Chestnut 3
17 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Crab Imp, 1 Shadow Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie. Normal Coins 3
18 Snailseed Pondweed, Octopea, Bubble Weed Sunken Quartet, Submarine Zombie, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie, Crab Imp Special Delivery Coins 3
19 Choice Battle 1: 4 Sunken Zombies

Battle 2: 3 Marine Ecologist Zombies, 2 Deep Sea Zombie

Battle 3: 7 Kelp Imps

Battle 4: 1 Submarine Zombie

Boss: Ancient Guard Garantuar & Kelp Imp

Treasure Quest Snailseed Pondweed None
20 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Mermaid Zombie, Crab Imp, Kelp Zombie, Submarine Zombie Ghost Battleship Coins 3
21 Choice Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Crab Imp, Kelp Zombie, Submarine Zombie, Ancient Guard Gargantar, Kelp Imp Stormy Seas Present 3
22 Twin Sunflower, Sea Star Fruit, Oxygen Algae, Anemone Sunken Quartet, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Crab Imp Locked & Loaded Coins 4
23 Choice Sunken Quartet, Loch Ness Zombie, Mermaid Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Crab Imp, Submarine Zombie Normal Waterwheel 3
24 Choice Sunken Quartet, Submarine Zombie, Crab Imp, Loch Ness Zombie Ghost Battleship Coins None
25 Choice with Posidonia Sunken Quartet Marine Ecologist Zombie, Mermaid Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Kelp Imp, Submarine Zombie, Poseidon Zombie, Loch Ness Zombie Normal Posidonia 2
26 Choice Battle 1: 4 Sunken Coneheads

Battle 2: 5 Sunken Bucketheads

Battle 3: 1 Poseidon Zombie, 4 Sunken Zombies

Battle 4: 5 Crab Imps

Boss: Ghost Ship Zombies & Captain

Treasure Quest Coins None
27 Choice Sunken Quartet, Ghost Ship Zombies, Ghost Ship Captain, Crab Imp, Poseidon Zombie Normal Present 4
28 Choice Sunken Quartet, Umibozu, Ghost Ship Captain, Ghost Ship Zombies, Kelp Zombie, Kelp Imp, Ancient Guard Gargantuar, Crab Imp, Submarine Zombie, Deep Sea Zombie Stormy Seas Coins 4
29 Choice (5000 Sun) Sunken Quartet, Ghost Ship Zombies, Ghost Ship Captain, Mermaid Zombie, Marine Ecologist Zombie, Crab Imp, Submarine Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Kelp Imp, Loch Ness Zombie Last Stand Sea Weed 3
30 Anemone, Oxygen Algae, Bubble Weed, Treasure Chestnut, Waterwheel, Snailseed Pondweed, Posidonia All Special Delivery Atlantis Statue 3
Extra Choice Shadow Zombie, Shadow Conehead, Shadow Buckethead, Shadow Flag Zombie, Shadow Imp, Shadow Gargantuar. Umibozu (THEDARKNESS) Portal 4


Pls Note: For the durations of sences in Atlantis, Crazy Dave wears a fish bowl with his pan hat on top. Penny doesn't.

Day 1

Crazy Dave: Blurbrbrlllrbrlrlrblbrlbrlrblbrlbrlbr...

Penny: I was afraid this might happen...

Penny (cont.): Here, wear this.

Crazy Dave: Whew, thanks Penny! It's hard to breathe in space!

Penny: Correct, but incorrect. We're not in space.

Penny (cont.): It appears that we've stumbled our way into the ruins of an ancient civilization that was sunk into the ocean many years ago.

Crazy Dave: I told them they shouldn't have built Floaty Town out of iron...

Penny: No, Dave. This is not Floaty Town. This is the fabled Lost City of Atlantis.

Crazy Dave: And with all this water around, how will the plants breathe?

Penny: Simple, User Dave. Bubble Weed can let the plants breathe underwater, and also acts as a defensive plant for their protection!

Crazy Dave: Like an underwater Pumpkin!

Penny: Yes. Like an underwater Pumpkin.

Day 2

Crazy Dave: It's a good thing we have Bubble Weed to let the plants breathe.

Penny: True, but what if we could trade in defense for range?

Penny (cont.): Oxygen Algae doesn't protect the plants like Bubble Weed does, but it has a cross-shaped range to let the plants live.

Penny: (cont.): You can even upgrade its range with sun!

Day 3

Crazy Dave: Man, there are a lot of zombies here! If only there were some way to slow them down in a very specific manner...

Penny: Look no further, User Dave, Octopea can slow down zombies with ink, and may even trap them in a bubble for a while.

Crazy Dave: And it's a healthier alternative to real octopus! Zombies love it!

Day 6

Crazy Dave: Y'know what would be fun? A plant that's not a plant!

Penny: Annemones are animals, technically and scientifically. Where are you going with this, User Dave?

Crazy Dave: Underwater of course! Anemone is too!

Crazy Dave (cont.): She can send fishes out to damage the zombies out in the field for a while.

Crazy Dave (cont.): She's not An-emone at all!

Penny: Your terrible puns always continue to amuse me, User Dave...

Crazy Dave: Of course! Any-fin is possible with puns!

Crazy Dave (cont.): I squid you not, I have a million of 'em!

Crazy Dave (cont.): I think you're herring things Penny. You should go to the doctor.

Crazy Dave (cont.): Let minnow what he says. Go now while you have the...

Crazy Dave (cont.): ...oppor-tuna-ty.

Crazy Dave (cont.): You can tune a guitar, but you can't tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass.

Penny: Please stop...

Crazy Dave: It's o-fish-al. I am the fish master!

Day 12

Crazy Dave: Hey, Penny! Look at this!

Penny: It appears to be a Peashooter.

Crazy Dave: A biogenetically engineered Peashooter! It shoots torpeados now!

Penny: Those torpeados can home in on any obstacles on the lawn, like the shell of a Submarine Zombie.

Crazy Dave: It won't hit zombies while it goes for the obstacles though.

Recieving the Scroll (end of Day 14)

Crazy Dave: Ooh, ancient scrolly-ness!

Penny: "The ancient guard of the city will awaken when the chosen ones come from years beyond."

Crazy Dave: "Probably doesn't mean anything Carl."

Crazy Dave (cont.): "Look John, I'll write the prophecies, you can fufill them. No need to get up in my grill bro..."

Crazy Dave & Penny: ...

Day 15

Zomboss: Brlblrbrlbrlrblbbbrbrlllrbl...

Penny: Wear this...

Zomboss: Thank you... As I was saying...

Zomboss (cont.): Greetings, underwater explorers! You've made it this far, but the guardian of the city has awakened, and he comes to demolish any tresspassers in his way!

Zomboss (cont.): Have fun!

Zomboss (cont.): I'm kidding. Don't.

Crazy Dave: Oh, boy. Looks like this will be one whale of a Day...

Penny: These fish puns are wearing fin...

Crazy Dave: You just have to look at it from a different angler!

Day 16

Crazy Dave: Mmm, I love the smell of cooked crab in the morning.

Penny: Sorry to burst your bubble, User Dave. These crabs are uncooked, and they're fishing for plants.

Crazy Dave: Those pinchers look like they could hurt. A lot.

Day 18

Penny: Meet the Snailseed Pondweed!

Crazy Dave: Huh?!

Penny: The Snailseed Pondweed can fire rapid-fire shots at zombies, that do light damage, but the zombie hit slows down the zombies behind it.

Crazy Dave: Uhhhh...

Penny: You'll see...

Day 22

Crazy Dave: Meet the Sea Star Fruit!

Penny: This plant rolls down a lane, damaging zombies as it goes.

Crazy Dave: It might also steal the armor of some zombies!

Day 25

Penny: It is written that Poseidon had sunk the city after the humans had refused to worship him.

Crazy Dave: Looks like he still holds a grudge, even in un-death.

Penny: We can use Posidonia to rid him of his magic powers though.

Crazy Dave: Aw. Poseidon was my favorite mythical cod...

Penny: ...

Day 28

Penny: User Dave, I'm sensing a force that we've never seen before. Something terrible and destructive.

Crazy Dave: Like dynamite?

Penny: No, something much worse. Be careful out there.

Day 30

Zomboss: Hello once again, fools. Prepare to meet a mythical creature so great, that the seas tremble under its name!

Zomboss: That's what I would be saying if he hadn't quit. So instead here's a robotic version.

Zomboss: Looks like "salmons" (someone's) getting smoked!

Crazy Dave: Hey! Fish puns are my thing!

Penny: Let's focus on the battle at hand for now!

*After Battle*

Zomboss: Blrlblrblblbrlbrlblblblrblrblbrblr...

Crazy Dave: Looks like you're the one that got...fin-ished!

Penny: Can we leave? My prossessors are getting overloaded with puns.

Crazy Dave: Yeah, we really don't have a porpoise here!

Zomboss: You will feel my wrasse!

Crazy Dave: Water you talking about?

Penny: We're leaving now...

Stormy Seas

Crazy Dave: Woah, look at that!

Penny: What? I can't see anything...

Crazy Dave: Exactly!

Penny: Looks like there's a storm overhead. And we can't see a thing.

Penny (cont.): Light-producing plants won't do a thing in this situation.

Crazy Dave: But we have a flashlight!

Crazy Dave (cont.): Nevermind, it's broken...

Penny: Look like we have to use the rely on the lightning from the storm, so we can see what's going on on the lawn.

Penny: There also may be anglerfish swimming by that light up the way. Try interacting with them to light them up. Otherwise just keep calm, and keep planting.

Treasure Quest

Crazy Dave: Ooh, look at that text box!

Penny: It appears we've been warped to a parallel dimension, with a much different way of fighting enemies.

Penny (cont.): If I were you, I'd click the "Fight" option and see what happens.

Crazy Dave: Just in case anything goes wrong, I'll give you some Plant Food, and a watering can. Heals the plants right up!

Penny: We'll find a way to warp us out of here soon. Just defend the house until then.

Ghost Battleship

Penny: It looks like the zombies are setting up ships to go on an all out attack.

Crazy Dave: Hey Penny! Guess what I found!

Penny: More "diamonds", User Dave?

Crazy Dave: No, ships!

Penny: This might actually be good. If they're functional, we can destroy the zombies' ships with ours.

Crazy Dave: I'll give you some Bannana Launchers so you can try to hit them, but you won't know where they are.

Penny: Right, you'll just have to take a chance, and shoot into the dark.

Crazy Dave: Keep setting up your own defenses though, because the zombies are still trying to get to the house!

Penny: Set up your ships in anyway you'd like, but be wise. The zombies will also try to knock them out.

Crazy Dave: First faction with all their ships sunk loses!

Travel Log Quests

Unlock Bubble Weed!

There's no air underwater, but Bubble Weed can change that!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 1.

Reward: 15 pts

Unlock Oxygen Algae!

Need even more air? Oxygen Algae's got you covered!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 2.

Reward: 15 pts

Unlock Octopea!

Ink those zombies in their tracks to slow them down, or trap them entirely!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 4.

Reward: 20 pts

Unlock Anemone!

Animal turned flora. Swarms of fish can easily take out zombies!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 6.

Reward: 20 pts

Unlock Torpeado!

Homes in on those pesky obstacles in your way!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 13.

Reward: 15 pts

Win a World Key!

Defeat the ancient guardian of the sunken city to win yourself a key to more times!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 15.

Reward: 35 pts

Unlock Treasure Chestnut!

This chest is full of trash, but that's good when you're fighting zombies!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 16.

Reward: 25 pts

Unlock Sunken Shipwreck

You're likely to find some treasure in here, if you can survive the original crew's onslaught!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 18.

Reward: 30 pts

Unlock Snailseed Pondweed!

Rapid fire shots to slow down the zombies. It's weak, but fast and tough!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 19.

Reward: 25 pts

Unlock Waterwheel!

This carnivorous wheel of doom can eat up to 10 zombies at once, and acts as a defense when eating!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 23.

Reward: 30 pts

Unlock Posidonia!

Keep those annoying Poseidon Zombies from splitting the sea!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 25.

Reward: 30 pts

Unlock Water Lily!

Captain W. Lily has studied this city for a long time now, and now she's ready to fight!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 27.

Reward: 40 pts

Unlock Sea Weed!

Ever wanted those waterbound plants to visit land for once? Sea Weed can make that happen!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 29.

Reward: 25 pts

Defeat Dr. Zomboss!

Send the Zombot Cthulhu-nator 20,000 down to Davey Jones' locker, and let the sunken city be at peace once more!
Complete City of Atlantis - Day 30.

Reward: 70 pts

Purchase Sea Star Fruit!

This star rolls down a lane to catch any armor zombies might be wearing, and damage them too!
Spend 100 gems to unlock him and his dizzying ability!

Reward: 45 pts

Purchase Sushi Stem!

A sushi chef by day and, well, sushi chef by night, but this chef is always ready to turn zombies into sushi!
Spend 50,000 coins to hire his services!

Reward: 40 pts

Unlock Electricoral

Need more zap on this wet warfield? then this piece of coral can back you up!
Reach Level 50 in Sunken Shipwreck to unlock it and it's electrifying personality!

Reward: 50 pts

Unlock Solarflower

Save up sun and tap it to unleash a powerful and painful dose of vitamin D-feat!
Unlock it in the Zen Garden!

Reward: 45 pts


Coming Soon!


  • Bubble Blackout: Fill the lawn with Bubble Weeds.
  • Smelling Fishy: Kill a collective total of 75 zombies with Anemone.
  • Lucky Chest: Get 5 gems from Treasure Chestnuts.
  • Snailseed Pwnedweed: Complete a level using only Snailseed Pondweed to kill zombies.
  • Watching the Game: Kill a Marine Ecologist Zombie with Octopea.
  • Creep from the Deep: Unleash the Ancient Guardian Gargantuar.
  • Preventing Poseidon: Keep the Poseidon Zombie from splitting the sea.
  • Flying Fish: Use the Anemone and Blover together.
  • Submerged Castle: Encounter the Umibōzu.
  • It Always Comes Back: "Kill" the Umibōzu.
  • Mythical Feast: Don't let the Loch Ness Zombie eat any plants in a level.
  • Davy Jones' Other Locker: Kill a Ghost Ship Crew Zombie or Captain.
  • They'll Never Sea it Coming: Kill a Sunken Kelp Zombie before it gets out of the ground.
  • Flying Iceberg: Sink the largest ship first in Ghost Battleship.
  • It Shoots Missiles!: Complete a level of Ghost Battleship without losing any ships.
  • Below-Sea-Level Bound: Complete a level of Treasure Quest.
  • Illegal Aliens: Summon the secret enemy.
  • '99 Style: Don't use the angler fish during a thunderstorm level.
  • Can't See The Light: Try it anyways! (Use a Light Bulb on a thunderstorm level)
  • Sunken Success: Complete the City of Atlantis.
  • Ancient Vases: Complete the Sunken Challenge Pack.
  • Watery Graves: Complete the Sunken Zombie pack.



  • The Umibōzu (or Sea Monk) is a creature in Japanese mythology. You can read more about it here .
    • The achievement "Submerged Castle" is based on the Pikmin 2 dungeon of the same name, where a creature similar to the Umibōzu, the Waterwraith, appears.
      • How one "kills" the Umibōzu in this game is also similar to how one kills the Waterwraith.
  • The achievement "Watching the Game" is a reference to the Game & Watch game "Octopus".
  • Treasure Chestnut's design and concept is partly based on the Trashure from "Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story".
  • Anemone always has a fish swimming around her.
  • The achievement for completing the I Zombie pack is a reference to the name of the song that plays during the Pool levels of PvZ 1, Watery Graves.
  • The "20,000" at the end of the Zombot's name is a reference to the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  • There are several hidden messages in the globbity-gook of Umibōzu's almanac entry. Try to find them if you can! There are 5 in total.
  • The achievement "'99 Style" is a reference to the blackouts in the world Party '99.
  • Both Treasure Quest achievements ("Below-Sea-Level Bound" and "Illegal Aliens") are references to the RPG title, Mother 2/Earthbound.