WorldKey This page is about a world that has already been created and used in another PvZ game. You can read about the original world at the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.


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  This is a revamped version of Dark Ages from the original game. It has a large difficulty change, and new plants and zombies. The main gimmick of this world are that it's nighttime, thus no sun will fall. Graves also return to cause problems.

Game Description

Hark! Doth thine eyes see the zombies that doth crawleth forward? Are thine plants armed to fight the undead of yold? Perchance you have seen what witchcraft they will bringeth forth to the battlefield. Protecteth thine craniums from the alchemy and magic of the dark times. No light will shine forth here.

Environment Modifiers

  • Nighttime: No sun falls from the sky.
  • Graves: Graves return from Ancient Egypt. This time they can spawn zombies, and when destroyed, some can spawn Sun or Plant Food.


  • Sun Shroom
  • Puff Shroom
  • Fume Shroom
  • Sun Bean
  • Hypno Shroom
  • Magnet Shroom
  • Peanut
  • Scaredy Shroom
  • Doom Shroom
  • Vacuum Shroom
  • Coffee Bean
  • Ice Shroom
  • Roto Shroom
  • Gloom Shroom
  • Zoom Shroom
  • Arrowwood
  • Dart Shroom
  • Pult Shroom


  • Peasant Zombie
  • Peasant Conehead
  • Peasant Buckethead
  • Peasant Flag Zombie
  • Executioner Gargantuar
  • Imp Monk
  • Conehead Imp Monk
  • Buckethead Imp Monk
  • Jester Zombie
  • Knight Zombie
  • Wizard Zombie
  • Zombie King
  • Imp Dragon
  • Jousting Zombie
  • Thief Zombie
  • Rat Keeper Zombie
  • Zombie Rat
  • Shield Zombie
  • Sword Zombie
  • Blacksmith Zombie
  • Mace Zombie
  • Undertaker Zombie
  • Zombie Queen
  • Witch Zombie
  • Archer Zombie
  • Zombot Dark Dragon