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Distant Coldfront is a daytime-ish world in Plants vs. Zombies Online, it has 36 levels, created by Bubblefan123, who will occasionally make small improvements to this page randomly.

I also need help with almanac entries, put your suggestions in the comments please! Thanks in advance ;)

World Description

Distant Coldfront!

Head forwards to the year 7560, where the earth froze over due to a combination of climate change and scientific disaster! fight the freezing cold, obscuring electrical storms and icebound tiles, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find that last warm place on earth!

+8 Plants

+1 Upgrade

+1 World Key

+35 Levels

+1 Boss Battle

+1 Endless Zone

? New Items!

Gimmicks and Enviroment Modifiers



Sun rarely falls though


Sun might rarely fall, but the sun here is worth 200 each, 250 with the celestial sun upgrade, they also thaw all plants in a 3x3 area around them when they land.

Enviroment Modifiers


Jets of liquid nitrogen will fall diagonally to columns furthest away from the house, and only if all the tiles in those columns aren't already frozen or snow-covered. These jets can freeze plants, zombies and tiles. If one of the jets fall on an open-fire plant like Torchwood or Inferno, the tile won't freeze and the plant's fire will turn blue instead, increasing it's strength and doubling it's warming rate, at the cost of durability since all but one of these open-fire plants will take a lot of damage from the nitrostorm.

Electrical Storms

Another Distant Coldfront gimmick, this one gimmick can come by itself or along with the nitrostorm, it gives bad electrical charges to plants and can heal drones (dunno how that works :/), it also slightly blocks the player's view and creates snow tiles.

Frozen Tiles

Can only be cleared/thawed using Hot Potatoes or Spicebreakers, they will slightly speed up zombies walking over them unless quickly thawed, some zombies speed up faster than others. Plants can still be planted on these tiles, but risk freezing

Brain Busters

  • Special Delivery
  • Save Our Seeds
  • Locked and Loaded
  • Last Stand
  • Robosled Bonanza: The player starts with tiles in columns 4-9 frozen. The player will have to face an all-out onslaught against the Robohound Sled Teams and some other zombies. The pre-frozen tiles can never be thawed or broken
  • Electric Slide: The player must face constant threat by Nitrostorms and Electrical Storms while not being able to use some countering plants. On a side note, the lawn is completely frozen
  • Playin' Hockey: The player must deflect the hockey pucks launched by Hockey Turrets and the Distant Coldfront Zombie Hockey Team using various plants and score higher than the zombies or better yet, don't let the zombies score at all until the level ends. The level uses a timer rather than flags, but flag zombies will still appear as cameos
  • Festival Of Freeze: The player must survive the waves of zombies going full speed towards you on the completely frozen lawn and protect the endangered plants. The player will get more plants via gift boxes dropped by every zombie in the level, the amount of gift boxes and what's inside them varies, the amount is never the same, but the plants are always the same. The player will also be given power-ups via conveyer belt to protect the endangered plants.

Endless Zone: Endless Winter

Unlocked after DC-Day 22

Starting Plants:

  • Sun-Shroom
  • Moonflower
  • Nightshade
  • Fume-Shroom
  • Inferno
  • Hot Potato

The Plants

Note: A ^ marks a single use plant

Note: A * marks a vital plant in this world

Note: A " marks a plant that's immune to frost

  • *"Inferno~Unlocked after DC-Day 1
  • *Ampthurium~Unlocked after DC-Day 4
  • "Cotton~Unlocked after DC-Day 8
  • ^Spicebreaker~Unlocked after DC-Day 13
  • Snowdrop~Unlocked after DC-Day 17
  • "Sunkist~Unlocked after DC-Day 23
  • *Treble Cleaf~Unlocked after DC-Day 28
  • ^Thunderbirch~Unlocked after DC-Day 34
  • Airsparagus~Coinium
  • ^Teaphoon~Gemium
  • ^Cycleaf~Zenium
  • *Holo Vera~Endium

New Character

  • T.O.R.C.H~Not much known about this malfunctioning mech from the year 7560, all that's known is that it despises anyone and anything that enters it's domain, including zombies

The Zombies

  • Coldfront Zombie~A regular year 7560 coldfront-surviving zombie
  • Coldfront Conehead Zombie~His Winter-Ready, Brand 7560_Cone gives twice the toughness of a regular coldfront zombie
  • Coldfront Buckethead Zombie~His Cryogenic Infinitrium-laced Bucket gives great protection against damage
  • Coldfront Flag Zombie~Marks the arrival of a futuristic and cold "wave" of zombies
  • Storm Drone~Blasts electric orbs that gives bad electric charges to plants in a 3x3 area
  • Forceshield Droid~Protects zombies in a 3x3 area from straight and lobbed shots
  • Zombonator 7500~Creates a violent Frostwave that covers a 3x1 area that (very) slowly freezes plants while he eats them. Also freezes the tiles behind them
  • Robohound Sled~Comes in after at least there are 5 frozen tiles in the lane created by the Zombonator 7500, the Robohounds stops after meeting a plant, and will act as a 5 layer shield, the zombies that rides with them are dropped
  • Robohound Sled Team~Comes onto the lawn using the Robohound Sled, walks normally when the Robohound Sled stops
  • Hover-Snowboarder Zombie~Goes 3x faster on frozen tiles, occasionally hovers above the ground, avoids low plants
  • Hockey Turret~Blasts out hockey pucks to plants, the projectiles can be deflected back to the Turret by any melee/wind plant though
  • Cryogenist Zombie~Sends out rounds of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze all plants and zombies on the tile, they also freeze the tile
  • Carbonite Zombie~Protected by frozen carbonite, slowly freezes plants in contact, instantly loses carbonite shield when hit by fire attacks, immune to chilling and freezing
  • Troglobot 15120~Sends out rounds of liquid nitrogen to freeze plants and zombies within 3 tiles in front of him, pushes ice blocks, stationary zombie
  • Distant Coldfront Zombie Hockey Team~Only appears in Playin' Hockey minigames, they can launch hockey pucks towards the plants 5-10 times and then leave
  • Regenerators~Simple robot with complicated regenerative abilities, randomly appears in Distant Coldfront, origins unknown...
  • Sub Zero Gargantuar Mark. 3_7560~Smashes plants using his ice cold telephone poles, freeze ray laser eyes, double I.H Bot launchers and a cryogenic bomb
  • Ice Harvester Bots~Imp equivalents in DC, they can destroy ice blocks and frozen tiles
  • Zombot BlizzardMaestro~A monstrous machine from a wintery wasteland, uses the elements to it's advantage and can summon drones of all kinds

Plant Details


Infernos burn zombies and shields plants from freezing winds and nitrostorms using a small but powerful firewall, the firewall can be regenerate and be re-created even after destruction

Sun Cost: 125

Damage: Heavy

Toughness: Uplifted

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Immune to frost

Special: Immune to nitrostorm damage

Special: Warms nearby plants

Special: Firewall blocks freezing winds, nitrostorms and zombies

Special: Firewall can regenerate and be re-created even after destruction

Range Details: Touch

Protection Area: All tiles behind him

Plant Food: Blasts out 25 fireballs to zombies in a 5x5 area, the fireballs burns the tile and all zombies on the tile and increases his firewall's range to cover 3 adjacent lanes


Ampthuriums attacks zombies using electricity charges, can also absorb bad electrical charges from nearby entities or robots to boost attacks and negate aftershock effect

Sun Cost: 200

Damage: Moderate

Range: Front & Back

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Can absorb bad electrical charges from nearby entities or robots to negate aftershock effect

Special: Absorbing electricity from robots stun them temporarily, but makes them unavailable to absorb

Special: Electricity absorbtion boost attacks for 5 electric charges

Attack Details: Regular attack hits 1 zombie in front or behind, Boosted attacks hits all zombies in front or behind

Plant Food: Absorbs all electric pulses from all zombies onscreen (reducing their health by 10%) and releases a burst of electricity using it, the burst deals 75 nds each


Cottons are weaker pumpkins that regenerates health overtime

Sun Cost: 100

Toughness: Elevated

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Regenerates health overtime

Special: Immune to frost

Special: Plants inside them are immune to frost

Regeneration: 1 HP/2,5 seconds

Plant Food: Creates 4 free cotton seed packets, any plant inside it gets boosted


Spicebreakers break all frozen tiles and ice blocks in front of him

Sun Cost: 75

Recharge: Mediocre

Usage: Single use

Special: Breaks all frozen tiles and ice blocks in front of him

Plant Food: N/A


Snowdrops launches small snow clouds that drops white winter bombs

Sun Cost: 250

Damage: Normal

Area: Tile

Recharge: Mediocre

Range Details: Overhead, Snow cloud travels over all zombies in the lane

Special: Winter bombs creates snow tiles which slows zombies

Plant Food: Creates a blizzard of huge winter bombs


Full Info about Sunkist

Treble Cleaf

Treble Cleaves blows notes that deals more damage with each zombie the note passes through, the notes deal 20x damage and disintegrate when hitting obstacles

Sun Cost: 175

Damage: Varies

Range: Multi-Hit

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Notes deal more damage for each zombie it passes through

Special: Notes react violently to obstacles such as shut-down Robohound Sleds and tombstones

Plant Food: Floats off 10 big red treble clefs that pierce through and stun zombies and bounce off obstacles. The treble clefs deal 35 nds to zombies and increases for each zombie it pierces and deal 100 nds to obstacles.


Thunderbirches blow away zombies, fog and blizzard onscreen, also creates 10 storm clouds that lasts for 30 seconds each, the timer only starts after it attacks something

Sun Cost: 275

Area: Full Board

Recharge: Very Slow

Usage: Single use, instant

Special: Creates storm clouds after blowing

Special: Blows away all zombies onscreen

Plant Food: N/A


Airsparaguses are areal plants that shoots seeds which deals damage on the tile, occasionally does a wildfire on 6 adjacent tiles after 10 shots

Sun Cost: 300

Damage: Heavy

Area: 3x2

Recharge: Mediocre

Attack Details: Regular attack is a straight shot which has AoE damage on the tile

Special: Can do a wildfire on 6 adjacent tiles

Plant Food: Gets a soldier helmet like Peashooter and shoots huge seeds which deals damage in a 3x3 area and pushes zombies back, he then gets to keep the helmet and do wildfires only after 5 shots (in a similar fashion to Torchwood and Cactus upgrade)


Teaphoons bring in a huge wave to push back all zombies and ice blocks onscreen, wipes out all zombies in the lane and blows away all fog, blizzard and zombies in the air

Sun Cost: 200

Area: Full Board

Recharge: Sluggish

Usage: Single use, instant

Special: Chills affected zombies

Special: Wipes out all zombies in the lane

Special: Blows away all flying zombies

Plant Food: N/A


Cycleaves blow dust devils to 3 adjacent lanes, blows away fog, blizzard and flying zombies in 3 adjacent lanes

Sun Cost: 75

Damage: Huge

Area: 3 lanes

Recharge: Mediocre

Usage: Single use, instant

Special: Blows away all flying zombies in 3 adjacent lanes

Plant Food: N/A

Almanac Entry: He's a really mischievous leaf, he likes to blow dust at everyone and anyone's greatest moments, birthday parties, award ceremonies, you name it, he'll ruin it, but this backfires on him nowadays, when there's a random sandstorm, they all blame Cycleaf, he now likes to bring his frenemies on a trip to the desert, at least they can't blame him when there's some dust-related incident, even if it is his fault

Holo Vera

Holo Veras shoot special sap that disables the zombies' special abilities, able to regenerate

Sun Cost: 150

Damage: Light

Range: Straight

Area: Tile

Recharge: Fast

Special: Disables zombies' special abilities

Special: Regenerates health overtime

Regeneration: Like Infi-Nut

Disabling Time: 5 seconds

Disabling Details: Stops zombies from spawning graves, deflecting projectiles, giving helmets, launching imps, spawning zombies, pushing plants, etc

Note: Some zombies are simply stunned rather than being allowed to move at all

Plant Food: Launches huge balls of special sap to all zombies onscreen, each one deals 25 nds

Special Character


"A Malfunctioning Mech Of The Year 7560"

After encountering T.O.R.C.H, the player will be able to summon it in any level, with the exceptions of:

  • DC-Day 24 (It's special level)
  • Last Stand levels


In It's Special Level (As an enemy)

  • Extreme Lava Launch: Launches 10 lava balls that creates lava tiles on random tiles
  • Ultimate Fire Storm: Summons 3 fire tornadoes on random lanes
  • Super Multi-Laser: Shoots 3 lasers that splits once to other plants/zombies/objects on impact, the damage gets weaker when split

After Unlocking (As an ally)

  • Lava Launch: Launches 5 lava balls that creates lava tiles at zombies
  • Fire Storm: Click on it and then pick a lane to summon a fire tornado there every 25 seconds
  • Multi-Laser: Shoots a laser that splits once to other zombies/objects on impact, each laser deals 4 nds, damage does not get weaker when split


Extra Seed Packet-Day 6

Bring in an extra plant to every battle for extra firepower!

T.O.R.C.H Tag-Day 24

Who dares enter T.O.R.C.H's domain?! walk further and face the consequences!



  • Heatwave: Plant 5 Infernos and keep their firewalls up for the rest of the level
  • Shock Treatment: Plant Food 5 Ampthuriums in a single level
  • Warmth And Comfort: Plant 25 Cottons in a single level
  • Hockey Master: Finish a Playin' Hockey level without letting the zombie score even once
  • It's a Sunny Ice Age!: Have 5 degraded Sunkists in a single level
  • Single's Bar: Finish a Meltdown Showdown level without using any Spicebreakers
  • Global Cooling: Finish any Distant Coldfront level without using heat-emmiting/heat-immune plants
  • Sour Note: Destroy 15 obstacles in a single level using Treble Cleaf's Plant Food ability
  • Blast From The Future Past: Unleash the Sub Zero Gargantuar Mark. 3_7560 and get it's world key
  • Technological Mythical: Encounter T.O.R.C.H
  • Fresh Off The Lawn: Defeat and Recruit T.O.R.C.H
  • This One's Regenerating!: Encounter the Regenerators
  • Extraterrestrial Confirmed?: Defeat a Regenerator
  • Call In The Air Support: Purchase the Airsparagus and use it in a level
  • Disaster Calls: Purchase the Teaphoon and use it in a level
  • Sandstorm Chasers: Unlock the Cycleaf and use it in a level
  • Break The Ice!: Reach level 45 in Endless Winter and unlock the Holo Vera
  • Storm With A Silver Lining: Complete Distant Coldfront
  • Icebreakers: Complete the Alpine Challenge Pack
  • Frost Fighters: Complete the I, Zombie Coldfront Pack