WorldKey This page is about a world that has already been created and used in another PvZ game. You can read about the original world at the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.


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  This is a revamped version of Frostbite Caves from the original game. There are no major changes besides new plants and zombies.

Game Description

Woah! Talk about brain freeze! This cold area will freeze your socks right off! The zombies are still trying to take your brains, even though they barely have any at this time. So keep on your toes, and don't let your plants be frozen in the wind. Those zombies have a tricky plan up their warm winter sleeve, but the plants are ready to bring in the heat!

Environment Modifiers

  • Freezing Winds: These blasts of cold air can freeze your plants solid.
  • Ice Blocks: Functioning similarly to graves, they can have zombies or plants frozen in them.
  • Ice Sliders: These ice floes move zombies in the direction they point.


  • Hot Potato: Melts frozen plants.
  • Fire Pea: Shoots flaming peas at zombies, also warms up nearby plants.
  • Pepper-pult: Lobs flaming peppers at zombies that have a 3x3 splash. Also warms up plants.
  • Chard Guard: Flings zombies back three times, then has to regrow leaves.
  • Stunion: Stuns all zombies infront of it. Allows you to use fire attacks on zombies without unfreezing them.
  • Rotobaga: Shoots in an X pattern and flies.
  • Acornado: Shoots a spinning acorn cap that splits into two projectiles that go up and down upon hitting a zombie. 
  • Hurrikale: Sends zombies back to the start of the lane and chills them. Blows away flying zombies in it's lane too.
  • Summer Melon: Lobs flaming melons that create embers on the ground that do light damage to zombies as they walk on them. Also warms up plants.
  • Sap-fling: Flings sap-covered pinecones at zombies which deaals light damage on impact and leaves a sap tile that slows them down while allowing you to attack them with fire.


  • Cave Zombie
  • Cave Conehead
  • Cave Buckethead
  • Cave Flag Zombie
  • Sloth Gargantuar
  • Yeti Imp
  • Blockhead Zombie
  • Hunter Zombie
  • Dodo Rider Zombie
  • Troglobite
  • Weasel Hoarder Zombie
  • Ice Weasel
  • Zombie Walrus
  • Ski Zombie
  • Chieftan Zombie
  • Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 B.C.