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Mission Implantable is a world in Plants vs. Zombies Online by King Pea, however others have contributed. It has 20 levels.


Warning, zombie agents have been spotted trying to bypass your lawn's defence. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use some spiffy spy plants to catch those zombies red handed. Be wary of the trap tiles that can affect even your plants and use your brain!


Trap Tiles: Trap tile will kill any plants and zombies in the area if stepped or planted on.


  • Agent Pea
  • Lime Bomb
  • Grapeling Hook
  • Hay Wire
  • Camomile
  • Plexigrass
  • Trappricot


  • Spy Zombie
  • Conehead Spy
  • Buckethead Spy
  • Spy Flag
  • Agent Imp
  • Henchman Gargantuar
  • Jewel Thief Zombie
  • Cloaking Zombie
  • Smoke Bomb Zombie
  • Feeze Ray Zombie
  • Laser Watch Zombie
  • Pistol Zombie
  • Spy Jetpack Zombie
  • Gadget Zombie
  • Zombie Spy Car
  • Skydive Zombie
  • Assasin Zombie
  • Sniper Zombie
  • Mastermind Imp
  • Imposter Zombie
  • Trap Dissabler Zombie
  • Zombot Tactical Espionage Intercepter

Agent Pea

Agent Peas can spot invisible zombies and pack quite the punch, with the cost of a slower fire rate.

Sun Cost: 225

Damage: High

Recharge: Fast

Fire Rate: Slow

Special: Can spot invisible zombies.

Special: Prioritizes hidden zombies.

Plant Food: Reveals all hidden zombies on screen and fires a burst of silenced peas.

Almanac Entry: Agent Pea has many fake identities including Sean Conner-pea, George Lazen-pea and Pea-rce Brosnan.

Lime Bomb

Lime Bombs are explosive plants that gradually gain a larger area and damage.

Sun Cost: 100

Damage: Varies (Light-Huge after 30 seconds, Huge-Massive after 60 seconds)

Range: Touch

Area: Varies (Tile-3x3 after 25 seconds, 5x5-Full Board after 45 seconds)

Recharge: Mediocre

Usage: Single use, on contact or when clicked.

Special: Damage and AoE increases after a while.

Special: Immune to Frost.

Special: Thaws nearby plants.

Plant Food: Increases power to 100% and explodes, but survives to do it again with 100% power when attacked/clicked.

Almanac Entry: Lime Bomb was once super impatient, but after learning that waiting makes you stronger, he takes him time with everything.

Grapeling Hook

Grapeling Hooks grow from green grapes, to purple one, and then finally into red ones.

Sun Cost: 200

Damage: Moderate (Hook) Light (Grapes) Heavy (Explosion)

Recharge: Fast

Fire Rate: Moderate

Special: Starts as green grape that shoot a hook straight at zombies.

Special: Can be grown into purple grape that snares zombies with the grappling hook and then lob grapes at them.

Special: Can then be turned into a red grape that snares a zombie, pull itself towards it and explodes in 3x3.

Special: Can raise itself in the air to avoid damage when in green grape form.

Plant Food: Pulls a satellite from the sky down onto the zombies.

Almanac Entry: Grapeling Hook may be young, but he is always learning. His impulsive nature is troubling though.

Hay Wire

Hay Wires are instant use plants that disable all the zombies' gadgets on screen for a limited time.

Sun Cost: 75

Recharge: Sluggish

Area: Full Board

Special: Disables all zombie gadgets for a limited time.

Plant Food: None.

Almanac Entry: Clearly, Hay Wire isn't a technology guy.


Camomiles hide plants in a 3x3 area for a limited time. Hidden plants can't be targeted by zombies' abilities.

Sun Cost: 25

Recharge: Moderate

Area: 3x3

Special: Hides plants to avoid being targeted by zombies.

Plant Food: None

Almanac Entry: If you need someone to cover something up, camomile is your guy. He might be shady, but he is very productive.


Plexigrasses create glass layer when planted on top of a plant that adds minor protection and makes them immune to projectiles.

Sun Cost: 125

Toughness: Uplifted

Recharge: Sluggish

Special: Must be planted on another plant.

Special: Provides protection and projectile immunity to the plant it is planted on.

Plant Food: When you put plant food on the plant covered with Plexigrass, after that plant does its plant food ability, Plexigrass will regenerate the glass layer on the plant.

Almanac Entry: Plexigrass' layer may block projectile and add some extra protection, but it's tight, itchy, and hard to breathe in.


Trappricots create a trap tile upon planting. The trap is different for each world it is used in.

Sun Cost: 500 (Goes up by 500 after each planting)

Recharge: Super Slow

Special: Creates a trap tile upon planting.

Special: Trap is different for each world.

Plant Food: None.

Almanac Entry: Some plants love Trappricot, other hates him because half the time his traps kill more plants than zombie, but who hates him the most? Dr. Zomboss? No, the person who hates him the most is a certain cool little peashooter.

Spy Zombie

Typical undead espionage agent.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: He wants his codename to be "00Brainz" but instead he got stuck with "000".

Conehead Spy

His stealthy cone adds extra protection.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: Conehead Spy always wants to look his best when on a mission. He irons his suit, straightens his tie, but he always forgets to put deoderant on, no wonder he always blows his cover.

Buckethead Spy

His tactical bucket provides great protection on missions.

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: Buckethead Spy thought it would be clever to store spare gadgets in his bucket, but then he found it too heavy and clunky.

Spy Flag

Marks the arrival of a wave of spy zombies, wait I thought they are supposed to be hidden?

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: Clearly this zombie doesn't know what subtly is.

Agent Imp

Rookie agent tossed into your defences.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Hungry

Almanac Entry: Despite his objections to it, Henchman Gargantuar believes in learning on the job, which is why he throws Agent Imp inbto perilous situations. At least his healthcare is solid.

Henchman Gargantuar

Giant goon that whacks plants with hammer, also tosses his hat at them.

Toughness: Great

Speed: Hungry

Special: Tosses Agent Imp when damaged.

Damage: Can target a plant and toss razor bladed hat at it, the hat then returns to him.

Weakness: Magnet Shroom permanently removes his hat.

Almanac Entry: Henchman Gargantuar is a loyal goon who does very odd jobs. He is fairly calm until someone wrecks his hat, and Agent Imp will never hear the end of it.

Jewel Thief Zombie

Drops down from the sky on a grapling hook and tries to steal a plant.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Stiff

Special: Drops down and will steal a plant if not dealt with quickly

Special: The more expensive a plants' sun cost is, the less time he needs to steal it.

Special: Will indicate presence by dropping a paper witha  corss heri on the tile he's going to descend onto.

Special: After enough hits he will fall onto the ground and proceed normally.

Weakness: Blover

Almanac Entry: Stealing plants and jewels aren't the only things this zombie likes to nab. He also steals his fellow agents' lunch.

Cloaking Zombie

His special belt allows him to turn invisible to avoid plant attacks.

Toughness: Average-Hardened

Speed: Basic

Special: Turns invisible to avoid plant damage

Special: Can have buckets and cones.

Weakness: Agent Pea and Hay Wire.

Almanac Entry: Being invisible has its advantages, but we're not going to delve into that.

Smoke Bomb Zombie

Uses a smoke bomb to hide zombies in a 3x3 area from plant attacks.

Toughness: Average-Hardened

Speed: Stiff

Special: Uses smoke bomb to generate 3x3 smoke cloud to hide zombies from plant attacks. Smoke bomb fades after a while

Special: Can have cones and buckets.

Weakness: Blover and Agent Pea

Almanac Entry: At heart, this zombie is a ninja, but in reality he's a spy with a crummy desk job.

Freeze Ray Zombie

Targets and freezes plants with his freeze ray.

Toughness: Average-Hardened

Speed: Stiff

Special: Targets plants and freezes them with freeze ray.

Special: Can have cones and buckets.

Weakness: Fire Plants, Plexigrass and Hay Wire.

Almanac Entry: As the coolest spy around, he sure does know how to chill out on a mission.

Laser Watch Zombie

Targets and burns plants with his expensive laser watch, but it can just as well kill him if reflected.

Toughness: Average-Hardened

Speed: Stiff

Special: Targets and burns plants with watch laser.

Special: Can have cones and buckets.

Weakness: Plexigrass and Hay Wire.

Almanac Entry: His wacth can shoot lasers, has a GPS, and can even order underpants online, but it lacks one very crucial feature, it can't tell time!

Pistol Zombie

Targets and shoots plants with his pistol.

Toughness: Average-Hardened

Speed: Stiff

Special: Tagets and shoots plants with sileneced pistol

Special: Can have cones and buckets.

Weakness: Hay Wire and Plexigrass

Almanac Entry: You think he has bad aim? He's really aiming for a bird but instead he hits plants, but Dr. Zomboss can't complain.

Spy Jetpack Zombie

Flies over all but the tallest plants in style. Secretive style.

Toughness: Average-Hardened

Speed: Fast

Special: Flies voer all but the tallest plants.

Special: Can have cones and buckets.

Weakness: Hay Wire and Blover

Almanac Entry: This zombie feels free when he glides in the air with his jetpack, it bums him that he can't go where he wants.

Gadget Zombie

Builds and gives basic Spy Zombies gadgets to aid them in their mission.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Creeper

Special: Builds gadgets that he gives to Spy Zombies. (Gadgets include cloaking device, freeze ray, laser watch, pistol, jetpack and smoke bomb)

Weakness: Magnet Shroom can steal a gadget midway into it's construction, also Hay Wire will stop him from building them.

Almanac Entry: Gadget Zombie isn't happy. All those spy zombies take his gadgets for granted, but they are not toys, they are works of art, in his mind at least.

Zombie Spy Car

Sleek vehicle with destructive gadgets.

Toughness: Machined

Speed: Fast (First 3 rows) Sitff (Rest of lawn)

Special: Speeds in 3 rows.

Special: Can target plants and fire a missile at them.

Special: Can create a smoke screen to hide all zombies behind it.

Weakness: E.M.Peach, Spikeweed/Spikerock, Hay Wire dissables smoke screen and missile.

Almanac Entry: Sure it has a ton of weapons and speed, but it really lacks comfort.

Skydive Zombie

Dives into your defences and proceeds normally.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Stiff

Special: Can land anywhere in the 3-6 rows form the house.

Special: Has to untangle parachute before proceeding

Weakness: Blover

Almanac Entry: This zombie is scared of heights, so why would he sky dive? Well he is shy, so he's not much of a talker.

Assassin Zombie

Uses other zombies as shields to avoid damage. Can instant kill plants, switch lanes, and adjust his speed.

Toughness: Basic

Speed: Varies (Flighty-Creeper)

Special: Uses other zombies as shields

Special: Can alter speed.

Special: Can switch lanes.

Special: Has a knife that can killl plants instantly.

Almanac Entry: His contract states that as a zombie hitman, he can use other zombies as shields, but the other zombies just think he's a coward

Spy Sniper Zombie

Stationary zombie that targets the plant closest to the house in it's lane.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Stationary

Special: Targets plant closest to the house and shoots it.

Weakness: Camomile and Pexligrass

Almanac Entry: He lables his gun cabinet not gunz.

Mastermind Imp

Sets up his chari on a trap tile and targets plants and summons sky lasers.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

Special: Sets up chair on the first trap tile it encounters.

Special: Targets plants and summons a sky laser.

Weakness: E.M.Peach, Hay Wire, Camomile.

Almanac Entry: He likes to be called Dr. Meanie, and even has a little white suit and a fake scar to look the part, but Dr. Zomboss is the evil doctor in this mission.

Imposter Zombie

Disguised zombie that burst into 3 Agent Imps when it's cover is blown

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Swift

Special: Bursts into 3 Agent Imps when the disguise is destroyed.

Almanac Entry: Despite their disguise being a hat, Groucho Max glasses, and a trenchcoat, none of the zombies can tell that they are just imps. 

Trap Dissabler Zombie

Temporarily dissables and decommisions traps so other zombies can get by.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Fast

Special: Temporarily dissables trap tiles.

Almanac Entry: What's Trap Dissabler Zombie's trick to dissabling traps? He just wedges a stick into it, not that exciting really.

Zombot Tactical Espionage Intercepter

Sleek spy jet of Dr. Zomboss with a evil array of gadgets and weapons.

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Hungry

Damage: Uses laser to erradicate two lanes.

Special: Can give zombies gadgets

Almanac Entry: What the zombie spies don;t know is that Dr. Zomboss furnished his Tactical Espionage Intercepter with pink floral furniture. What, don't judge, you try being cramped in a zombot for pretty much all of time.