WorldKey This page is about a world that has already been created and used in another PvZ game. You can read about the original world at the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.


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This is a revamped version of Pirate Seas from the original game. There are little to no major changes besides new plants and zombies. The main gimmick in this world are the missing planks.

Game Description

Arrrrrrrr, shiver me timbers! Travel to the 1600's and fight with zombie pirates from the Golden Age of Zombie Piracy! Beware of the treacherous waters below, because the planks of the ship are not always there! Oh, and try to protect you brain from birds!



  • Pirate Zombie
  • Conehead Pirate
  • Buckethead Pirate
  • Flag Pirate Zombie
  • First Mate Gargantuar
  • Swashbuckler Zombie
  • Seagull Zombie
  • Barrel Roller Zombie
  • Pirate Imp Zombie
  • Imp Cannon
  • Cutlass Zombie
  • Pirate Map Zombie
  • Barrel Zombie
  • Pirate Captain Zombie
  • Zombie Parrot
  • Pistol Zombie
  • Compass Zombie
  • Zombot Plank Walker

Vasebreaker Pack Level Table

Name: Pirate Challenge Pack

Planks: Always full

Name Plants Zombies Total Vases Types of Vases
3x3 Wall-nut(5), 



Pirate Zombie(6), Conehead Pirate(6), Seagull Zombie(4) 30

(13 Plants) (16 Zombies) (1 Plant Food)

Green(3), Brown (27)
Spring Rollers Peashooter(4)

Spring Bean(4)



Pirate Zombie(8), Conehead Pirate(4), Buckethead Pirate(1), Barrel Roller Zombie(1), Shotgun Zombie(1) 30

(14 Plants) (15 Zombies) (1 Plant Food)

Green(3), Brown(27)
Buttery Birdies Wall-nut(2),

Laser Bean(4),

Bonk Choy(5),


Pirate Zombie(5), Conehead Pirate(2), Seagull Zombie(6), Davy Jones Zombie(2) 30

(14 Plants) (15 Zombies) (1 Plant Food)

Green(3), Brown(27)