Time Twister is the final world in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is set in a timeless void and every zombie and gimmick you have previously encountered can return. This is the only world to be released in parts. Part 1 contains Shadow Plants and new Time Zombies, Part 2 has new Light Plants and Zombie Plants and Part 3 contains some of the most challenging levels and Time Plant as well as the final boss battle with Dr. Zomboss. Time Twister has 100 levels and is also the only world to let you use every plant.


1. Any gimmick from a previous world can reappear in the Time Twister and can be active simultaneously.

2. Time Rifts: Time Rifts can appear on the lawn and slowly send out zombies form a certain world. The rift will indicate what world it will summon zombies from. They go away after a certain while. Rifts only summon special zombies, and they cannot summon stationary ones.

3. Champion Zombies: Champion zombies are boosted versions of existing zombies, they have a flashing glow to indicate they are a champion. Defeating them will give the player a reward and the colour of the glow will indicate what the reward is.

4. Any ambush from a previous world can appear in the Time Twister and they can happen simultaneously.


1. Moonflower: Produces more sun depending on how many Shadow Plants are nearby. Creates a 3x3 shadow aura that boost other Shadow Plants.

2. Nightshade: Slaps zombies up close dealing super heavy damage. When boosted he gains the ability to shoot a powerful projectile while slapping and his slaps become poisonous.

3. Shadow Shroom: Poisons zombies when eaten. Poisoned zombies spread their poison to other zombies that they walk by. The boosted version explodes like a Stallia and affects a 3x3 area when encountered.

4. Dusk Lobber: Lobs explosive buds that have splash damage. The boosted version lobs buds in three lanes.

5. Grimrose: Can drag any zombie in it's lane, front or back underground like a land-bound Tangle Kelp. The boosted version can drag 3 zombies under before expiring.

6. Light Bloom: Produces bigger sun if on it's own, but if surrounded by other light plants, it will make smaller sun but a at a much faster rate. Also creates a 3x3 light aura.

7. Angel Wing: Shoots bolts of light at zombies and it is a flying plant. Boosted version has stronger light bolts that can stun and it has a chance to do a wing flap attack that blows away all flying zombies on screen.

8. Haloquin: Purifies the zombie that eats it and makes them fight. Unlike a regular hypnotized zombie, zombies that are purified by Haloquin are boosted and much stronger and faster. Boosted version grants purified zombies the chance to purify zombies they defeat. Purified zombies have a halo above their heads and their eyes glow.

9. Shine Shroom: Lobs light balls that have a chance to make zombies walk in the wrong direction for a couple of seconds. Boosted version has a chance to lob a large light ball that can summon a weaker version of Heavenly Bean's beam attack.

10. Heavenly Bean: Targets the toughest zombie in it's lane and sends down a beam from the heavens that does high continuous damage to that zombie before expiring. Boosted version can summon three beams before expiring.

11. Escape Root: Plant that summons a random explosive plant upon death, it can also swap spots with other plants.

12. Tem-pea-ral: Fires time peas that pierce zombies and continually loop growing the longer they travel. They have a maximum size and once it expires, the Tem-pea-ral will fire another one.

13. Chrono-Nut: Gets stronger and more resilient to status effects over time.

14. Sun Rice: Generates normal sun and sun bombs.

15. Pearadox: Changes every zombie on screen into a different one. He has a charge up time and if he is eaten before he can complete his charge he'll change every plant.

16. Elderberry: Does more damage the longer he is on the lawn. He turns into a 3x3 cloud of slowing dust when touched.

17. Clockwork Orange: Closes rifts and has a chance to turn them into a powerful 3x3 explosion.

18. Kiwi Beast: Rapidly fires seeds at zombies and has a defensive skin. Once the skin is eaten, the Kiwi Beast will go berzerk and shoot seeds ten times faster.

19. Shrinking Violet: Shrinks zombies in a 3x3 area when encountered, making them much weaker, shrinks imps and other small zombies into oblivion.

20. Thyme Warp: Rewinds all zombies on the lawn back to the start with full health.


1. Any zombie from previous worlds can appear.

2. Time Zombie: Boosts the speed of other basic zombies.

3. Time Conehead: Boosts the speed of other conehead zombies.

4. Time Buckethead: Boosts the speed of other buckethead zombies.

5. Time Flag: Can summon waves of basic zombies.

6. Time Bully: Slow, tough and unmovable zombie. He cannot be knocked back by any means and can push any obstacle zombies like Arcade Zombie or Troglobite would push. He is also the only zombie that cannot be rewound by Thyme Warp, however he will be stunned while Thyme Warp is rewinding the other zombies. 

7. Chrono Imp: When he walks past rifts, he boosts them causing them to spew zombies at a faster rate.

8. Time Eater Gargantuar: Has laser vision, speeds up when low on health, and has an Imp-finite supply of Chrono Imps he tosses with every smash.

9. Giga Gargantuar: Toughest regular zombie in the game. He can toss any type of imp and like Time Eater Gargantuar, he has an Imp-finite supply. His smash has a chance to be a 3x3 critical smash.

10. Weed: Zombie Plant counterpart of basic zombie.

12. Pumpkinhead Weed: Zombie Plant counterpart of conehead zombie.

13. Terracotta Weed: Zombie Plant counterpart of buckethead zombie.

14. Flag Weed: Zombie Plant counterpart of flag zombie.

15. Vase Weed: Zombie Plant with machined toughness.

16. Zom-Peashooter: Undead peashooter that fires zombie peas at plants.

17. Sundead Flower: Heals other zombie plants in a 3x3 area. Doesn't work on other zombies.

18. Dead Nut: Slow Zombie Plant with great toughness.

19. Zombie Chomper: Eats plants in one bite but after three bites he needs to chew.

20. Zombie Potato Mine: Pops up on a tile and if not killed quickly enough he will detonate.

21. Zombot Temporal-Tron: Can summon any zombie from any time period. 


Level Plants Zombies Gimmicks Time Rifts Flags Level type Reward
1 Player's Choice Time Quadrio


Big Wave Beach (Surfer Zombie), Neon Mixtape Tour (Boombox Zombie and 8-Bit Buckethead) 6 Normal Moonflower
2 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, 1920 Gargantuar, Octo Zombie, Fireworks Imp, Superfan Imp, New Years Gargantuar, Punk Zombie, Yeti Imp, Sloth Gargantuar, Gargantuar Prime, Knight Zombie, Imp Cannon Gold Tiles (First Column), Smashed Tiles (Second Column), Night time. Jams (Punk) Roaring Twenties (Catapult Zombie), Jurassic Marsh (Jurassic Imp, Jurassic Gargantuar), Pirate Seas (Pirate Captain Zombie) 6



Cold Snapdragon, Primal Peashooter, Gravity Nut, Tile Turnip (5), Inter-nut, Infi-nut, Carrot Missile

Time Quadrio, Peasent Trio, Imp Monk, Boombox Zombie, Blowdart Zombie, Prospector Zombie, Fisherman Zombie, Imp Cannon, Hair Metal Gargantuar, Jurassic Gargantuar, Cave Trio, Spirit Zombies

Water (8th column) Trench (7th Column)

Jams (Metal), Snowstorm Ambush (Prospectors, Boomboxes, Cave Zombies)

Tiki Graves

12 None Nightshade
4 Flower Pot, Primal Potato Mine, Melon-pult, Magnet-shroom, Tall-nut, Coffee Bean, Pumpkin Basic Quadrio, Modern Gargantuar, Superfan Imp, All-Star, Ladder Zombie, Zomboni, Newspaper Zombie, Moon Buggy Zombie Every Tile is a Smashed Tile. 8 Column Like  You See 'Em Present

Player's Choice

(Light Bulb and Winter Melon Locked)

Painter Quadrio, Roller Gargantuar, Inspired Imp, Engineer Zombie, Time Trio, Chrono Imp, Balloon Zombie, Mask Maker Zombie Smog (Up to 5th lane), Fire Curse (Throughout entire stage). Gravity (Switches on and Off) 12 Normal Coins

5 Endangered Atomic Peas in column 4

Choice without Sun Producing Plants

Apocalypse Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Pianist Zombie, Hunter Zombie, T. Rex, Ankylosaurus

Sun Bombs, Dinosaurs, 5 Frozen Repeaters in Column 3 12 SOS, Sun Bombs Shadow-Shroom
7 Infi-nut, Smoke Stalk, Sunflower, Oxygen Algae Sunken Quadrio, Mermaid Imp, Pirate Captain Zombie, Imp Dragon, Wizard Zombie No Oxygen 12 Normal Coins

Moonflower (Doesn't produce sun), Nightshade, Shadow-Shroom

Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Fisherman Zombie, Octo Zombie, Pirate Captain Zombie

Water (5th column) 12 None Present
9 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Jurassic Bully, Troglobite, Octo Zombie, Arcade Zombie, All-Star, Imp Cannon, Zombie Monkey, Jurassic Imp, Superfan Imp, 

Green Power Tiles (C1L2)(C1L4), (C3L3)

Sun Curse (During the final 2 flags)

Dinosaurs (Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, and Pteradactyl)

12 Normal Coins
10 Player's Choice Tiki Imp, Mask Maker Zombie, Spirit Trio, Spirit Imp, Jurassic Bully, All-Star, Time-Eater Gargantuar, Time Quadrio, Time Bully, Tomb Raiser Zombie, Zombie Monkey Smog (Entire Lawn) 4 Normal Dusk Lobber
11 Pain-Apple, Caulipower, Celestial Celery, Smoke Stalk Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Zombie Monkey (x20 in Seed Selection) and Breakdancer Zombie Jams (Rap) 14 Monkey Attack! Present
12 Para-shroom, Inter-nut, Twin Sunflower, Blover, Hurrikale, Chard Guard, Pepper-pult, Imitater, Skullcap Time Quadrio, Cave Trio, Hunter Zombie, Sloth Gargantuar, Troglobite, Weasel Hoarder None 15 Normal Coins

Player's Choice

Time Quadrio, Party Trio, Fireworks Imp, New Years Gargantuar, Glowstick Imp, Neon Gargantuar, Confetti Zombie, Hazmat Zombie, Solar Panel Zombie, Jumping Zombie, Grunt Worker Gargantuar Blackouts, Fireworks, Jams (Pop), Frozen Tiles 13 Normal Grimrose
14 Phat Beet, Cold Snapdragon, Smoke Stalk, Inter-nut, Gravity-nut, Thyme Warp Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Time Eater Gargantuar, Time Bully, Meteor Imp

Meteor Shower (Extremely Common)

Gravity (Off)

There are 3 Pre-planted Gravity Nuts

16 Normal Coins
15 Flower Pot, Sun Flower, Sun Bean, Threepeater, Torchwood, Sap-fling, Apple Saucer, Skunk Cabbage Twenties Quadrio, Aircraft Zombie, Time Bully, Pharoah Zombie, Egypt Ruler Zombie, Robber Zombie, 1920 Gargantuar, Black n' White Imp, Zombie Bull, Bull Rider, Surfer Zombie, Knight Zombie, TV-head Zombie, Fossilhead Zombie, Jurassic Imp

Nigh timet, Smashed Tiles (First Three Columns), Super Sun, Rodeo Ambush, Minecart (Column 4, covers the whole column)

Water (9th Column)

12 Normal Present
16 Plantern, Light Bulb, Fairy Moss, Smoke Stalk, Kernel-pult, Pea-nut, Grave Buster, Sunflower Time Quadrio, Time Bully, Chrono Imp, Superfan Imp, Balloon Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, Tomb Raiser Zombie, Mermaid Imp Smog covers full lawn, Oil Spills, Modern Graves scattered around the lawn 13 Double Darkness Coins
17 Player's Choice

Time Quadrio, TIme Bully, Time Eater Gargantuar, Giga Gargantuar, Chrono Imp, 

Dinosaurs (Velociraptor, T-Rex, Stegosaurus) 13 Normal Light Bloom
18 Primal Sunflower, Sun Bean, Toadstool, Winter Melon Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Dark Ages Gargantuar, Excavator Zombie, Turquoise Skull Zombie, Ra Zombie, Pharoah Zombie (x10 In Seed Selection) None 13 Normal Coins
19 None Camel Zombie (Clover), Camel Zombie (Skull), Camel Zombie (Bucket), Camel Zombie (Sun), Camel Zombie (Plant Food) None


Mummy Memory Present

Smoke Stalk (Column 1) Citron (Column 2) Snow Pea (Column 3)

Intensive Carrot

Time Quadrio, Time Bully, Chrono Imp, All-Star, Superfan Imp, Parasol Zombie, Jurassic Bully, Jurassic Fossilhead, Jurassic Imp

None 13 Normal Coins
21 Player's Choice Pirate Trio, Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Time Bully, Imp Cannon, Pirate Captain Zombie, Barrel Roller Zombie, Imp Pirate, Troglobite Broken Tiles (Plankless, R1, R2, R5) 12 Normal Coins
22 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Painter Baghead, Roller Gargantuar, Chrono Imp, Weasel Hoarder, Chicken Wranglar, Ra Zombie, Turquoise Skull Zombie, Excavator Zombie, Gangster Zombies

Trap Tiles (Fire Tile R3C5 (Gets destroyed after 5 uses)),


7 Normal Coins
23 Player's Choice  Time Quadrio, Painter Baghead, Chrono Imp, 1920 Gargantuar Sun Bombs 10 Sun Bombs Coins
24 Angel Wing, Moonflower, Nightshade, Dusk Lobber, Shadow-Shroom

Time Quadrio, Time Eater Gargantuar, Chrono Imp, Zombie Jazz Singer Group,

Raptors (10)

Nighttime, Super Sun, Dinosaurs 12 Normal Coins
25 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Painter Baghead, Tropic Gargantuar Puddles, Thunder Storms 12 Normal Angel Wing
26 5 Coconut Cannons Balloon Zombie, Seagull Zombie, Jetpack Zombie Missing tiles (Plankless) in all lanes None Cannons Away! Coins
27 Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry Bomb, Wall-nut, Potato Mine, Snow Pea, Chomper, Repeater Modern Quadrio, Newspaper Zombie, Pole Vaulter Zombie, Modern Gargantuar, Imp None 12 Normal Coins
28 Nightshade, Angel Wing, Shadow-shroom, Grimrose, Dusklobber Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Time Eater Gargantuar, Time Bully Power Tiles (Column 1 and 2 feature blue and green Power Tiles in a checkerboard pattern) 12 Normal Coins
29 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Barrel Roller Zombie, Pianist Zombie, Chrono Imp, Jurassic Bully, 1920 Gargantuar Evil Potions (Only speed), Jama (Punk) 13 Normal Coins

First column (Banana Launchers), Second Column (Snow Pea), Third Column (Citron)

Intensive Carrot

Time Quadrio, Ladder Zombie, Pole Vaulter Zombie, Barrel Roller Zombie, Neon Gargantuar, Glitter Zombie Jams (Pop), Night time. 15 Intensive Care Coins
31 Flower Pot, Citron, Smoke Stalk, Inter-nut, Cactus, Fume-shroom, Coffee Bean, Jalapeno Modern Quadrio, Jurassic Bully, New Years Gargantuar, Painter Baghead, Ladder Zombie, All-Star, Superfan Imp  Smashed Tiles (Entire Lawn), Night Time 12 Column Like You See 'Em Present
32 Bamboom, Cob Cannon, Cherry Bomb, Potato Mine, Primal Potato Mine, Tangle Kelp, Squash, Grimrose, Carrot Missile, Coconut Cannon, Banana Launcher Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, New Years Gargantuar, Painter Baghead, Tropic Gargantuar, 1920 Gargantuar, Lunar Gargantuar, Smokestack Gargantuar, Chicken Wranglar, Weasel Hoarder, Rat Keeper Zombie Water (2nd Column) 13 It's Raining Seeds Kiwibeast

Player's Choice

Time Quadrio, Mecha Football Zombie, Wizard Zombie, Octo Zombie, Weasel Hoarder, Chicken Wranglar, Robo Cone Zombie, Zombie King, Peasent Zombie, Zombie Monkey Nighttime, Gold Tiles (R2C1, R4C1), Power Tiles (R1C1), (R3C1), (R5C1) 12 Normal Coins
34 Sunflower, Infi-nut, Chard Guard, Hurrikale, Laser Bean, Repeater, Fire Peashooter, Pepper-pult Modern Quadrio, Modern Gargantuar, Hunter Zombie, Time Bully, Chrono Imp, Tiki Imp, Mask Maker Zombie, Spirit Trio, Spirit Imp, Tropic Gargantuar

Freezing Winds, Tiki Masks, Slider Tiles (R1C5,R5C6)

6 None Gimmick Identifier Upgrade

Player's Choice 

(First Column filled with Lily Pads)

Time Quadrio, Cave Trio, Yeti Imp, Aircraft Zombie, Tiki Imp, Octo Zombie, Surfer Zombie, Neon Gargantuar Water (Entire lawn), Freezing Winds, Smog (Full lawn) 5 Normal Present
34 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Jurassic Imp, Knight Zombie, TV Screen Zombie, Balloon Zombie, Excavator Zombie, Parasol Zombie Dinosaurs (T-Rex) 6 Normal Coins
35 Moonflower, Haloquin, Nightshade, Shadow-shroom, Grimrose Zom-Pea, Weed, Terracotta Weed, Dead-nut,  Dinosaurs (Velociraptor, Water (6th Column) 8 Locked and Loaded Haloquin
36 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Time Bully, Chrono Imp, Time Eater Gargantuar, Balloon Zombie, All-Star, Zombie Dogfighter, Zombie Duo Cruiser, Zombie Missile Launcher, Aerial Gargantuar, Gangster Zombies, Ladder Zombie, Superfan Imp, Giga-Gargantuar, Parachute Imp, Barrel Roller Zombie, Zom-Pea, Weed, Terracotta Weed, Dead-Nut, Jurassic Bully, Troglobite, Octo Zombie, Arcade Zombie, Boombox Zombie, Hunter Zombie, Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Weasel Hoarder, Zombie Monkey, Shaman Zombie, Tiki Golem Gargantuar, Solar Panel Zombie, Tomb Raiser Zombie, Cannibal Zombie, Imp Cannon, Pirate Captain Zombie

Gold Tiles (R1C1, R2C2, R3C3, R4C4, R5C5),

Super Sun, Jams (8-Bit)

10 Normal Present
37 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Umbrella Zombie, Scuba Zombie (All 3 variants), Cone Sipper Zombie, Hula Dancer Zombie, Zombarine, Scuba-Swipper, Surfer Zombie, Solar Panel Zombie, Imp Cannon, Giga-Gargantuar,  Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Scientist Zombie Constant Rain, Water (5th Column), Waves, Low Tides, Bug Swarm, Curse of Air 12 Normal Coins

Player's Choice

(Winter Melon and Primal Sunflower Locked)

Time Quadrio, Time Bully, Jurassic Bully, Time Eater Gargantuar, Marketer Zombie, Zombcraft Carrier, Tourist Zombie (x10 In Seed Selection),  Zom-plane, Jumping Zombie, Blowdart Zombie, Neon Gargantuar, Scuba Zombie (All 3 variants), Octo Zombie, Fisherman Zombie Puddles, Waves, Sandstorms, Low Tides, No Air 8 Normal Ninth Seed Slot
39 Ginger Snap, Squash, Pain-Apple, Caulipower, Kiwi Beast, Grapeling Hook, Smoke Stalk, Snowwall Berry, Lily Pad (Extremely Common) Time Quadrio, Chicken Wranglar Zombie, Weasel Hoarder, Barrel Roller Zombie, Zom-Pea, Dead-nut, Weed, Terracotta Weed, Zombie Monkey, Snorkel Zombie, Gangster Zombies Water (2nd column), Snowstorms, Constant Hail 10 Conveyer Belt Present
40 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Imp Dragon, Wizard Zombie, Umbrella Zombie, Electric Conductor Imp, Tropic Gargantuar, Zom-Plane (Independent from other Zombies), New Years Gargantuar Constant Thunder Storm 11 Normal Coins
41 Sun-Shroom, Puff-Shroom, Fume-Shroom, Hypno-Shroom, Primal Wall-nut, Iceberg Lettuce, Sun Bean Time Quadrio, Imp Dragon, Imp Monk, Umbrella Zombie, Knight Zombie, Zom-Plane (Independent from other Zombies) Rain 3 Locked & Loaded Shine-Shroom

Player's Choice

(Without Sun Producing Plants and Winter Melon)

Worker Quadrio, Apprentice Imp, Steampunk Trio, Rocket Imp, Oil Spill Zombie, Shovel Zombie, Parasol Zombie, Hook Zombie, All-Star, Superfan Imp, Engineer Zombie, Zombot Drone, Blowtorch Zombie, Solar Panel Zombie, Zom-Pea, Dead-Nut, Miner Zombie, Ladder Zombie The Mines, Smog (3rd Column), Oil Spills, Sun Bombs 12 Sun Bombs Coins
43 Player's Choice Weed, PumpkinHead Weed, Terracotta Weed, Flag Weed, Zom-Pea, Dead-Nut, Ladder Zombie, Balloon Zombie, Superfan Imp, All-Star None 2 Normal Heavenly Bean
44 Lava Guava, Homing Thistle, Bowling Bulb, Garlic, Tall-nut Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Time Bully Tombstones (All Types) Ancient Egypt (Explorer, Tomb Raiser, Pharoah), Space Race (Jumping Zombie, Moon Dust Zombie) 4 Conveyor Belt Coins

Player's Choice

(Winter Melon Locked)

Time Quadrio, Chrono Imp, Pirate Captain Zombie, Imp Cannon, Zom-Plane (Independent from other Zombies), Zom-Pea, Parasol Zombie, Zombie Monkey, Gargantuar Prime  Trench (Column 3), Freezing Winds, Waves Industrial Revolution (Oil Spill Zombie), Dark Ages (Jester Zombie) 5 Normal Present
46 Player's Choice Time Quadrio, Jurassic Quadrio, Jurassic Imp, Zombie Weasels, Zombie Chickens, Zombie Roaches, Implings, Newspaper Zombie, Cannibal Zombie, Punk Zombie, Breakdancer Zombie, Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Weasel Hoarder Zombie, Nuclear Gargantuar.

Curse of the Air (Entire Level)

Dinosaurs (T-Rex)

Jams (Punk and Rap)

Player's House (Football Zombie)

8 Normal Coins
47 Player's Choice Time Trio, Tourist Zombie, Marketer Zombie, Hula Dancer Zombie, Water Buckethead Zombie, Octo Zombie, Surfer Zombie, Zombarine Water (similar to BWB's water) and Weather Tropic Terror (Cone-Sipper Zombie, Cone-Sipper Zombie, Water Buckethead Zombie, Cone-Sipper Zombie) 7 Normal Coins
48 Player's Choice and 5 endangered Airsparaguses in the 4th column. (Blover and Hurrikale are also locked from choice) Flight Trio, Zombie Missile Launcher, Zombie Duo Cruiser, Transport Boat, Swashbuckler Zombie, Relic Hunter Zombie, Disco-tron 3000, Agent Jetpack Zombie, Jetpack Zombie, Bug Zombie, Balloon Zombie, B.E.T.A. Balloon Zombie, Seagull Zombie Air (all flying zombies can fly over) and Power Tiles (1 red and 1 green in the 2nd column, 1 red in the 3rd column and 1 green in the 1st column) Pirate Seas (Zombie Parrot, Zombie Parrot, Seagull Zombie, Seagull Zombie), Industrial Revolution (B.E.T.A. Balloon Zombie), Lost City (Bug Zombie (with Conehead), Bug Zombie, Relic Hunter Zombie, Bug Zombie (with Buckethead) ) 9 Save Our Seeds Mystery Box
49 Player's Choice Ra Zombie, Tomb Raiser Zombie, Seagull Zombie, Pirate Captain Zombie, Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Zombie Bull, Octo Zombie, Dodo Rider Zombie, Weasel Hoarder, Bug Zombie Planks (on the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows, to the 4th column, Seagull Zombie and Bug Zombie can arrive on these), Minecart (2nd column, all 5 rows), Gold Tile (3rd column on the 3rd row, 4th column on the 4th row and 2nd column on the 5th row) 8 Normal with Objective (produce 3000 sun) Coins
50 Peashooter, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno  Spikerock, Iceberg Lettuce, Grave Buster, Snapdragon, Kernel-pult, Tall-nut, Winter Melon, Laser Bean, Citron, E.M.Peach, Fume-Shroom, Guacodile, Banana Launcher, Hot Potato, Pepper-pult, Stunion, Rotobaga, A.K.E.E., Stallia, Celery Stalker, Intensive Carrot, Primal Wall-nut, Primal Potato Mine, Moonflower, Nightshade, Dusk Lobber, Grimrose, Cold Snapdragon, Grapeshot, Whirl-Pea, Coco-pult, Blitzbean Bomber, Heloquat Every Type of Gargantuar Player's House (All-Star, All-Star, All-Star), Ancient Egypt (Tomb Raiser Zombie, Pharaoh Zombie, Tomb Raiser Zombie), Pirate Seas (Pirate Captain Zombie, Pirate Captain Zombie, Pirate Captain Zombie), Wild West (Zombie Bull, Zombie Bull, Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Chicken Wrangler Zombie), Far Future (Mecha-Football Zombie, Shield Zombie, Disco-Tron 3000), Dark Ages (Jester Zombie, Knight Zombie, Wizard Zombie), Big Wave Beach (Octo Zombie, Surfer Zombie, Octo Zombie,) Frostbite Caves (Hunter Zombie, Troglobite with 3 Yeti Imps, Weasel Hoarder), Lost City (Bug Zombie, Bug Zombie, Bug Zombie(all have bucket)), Neon Mixtape Tour (Punk Zombie, Breakdancer Zombie,  Arcade Zombie), Wright Flight (Transport Boat, Zombie Duo Cruiser, Daredevil Plane Driver), Tropic Terror (Hula Dancer Zombie, Cone-sipper Zombie, Cone-sipper Zombie) Jam (Metal and Rock Jam), Weather (Hails only when the Tropic Gargantuar is out, otherwise, clear weather), 25 Gargantuar Battle Taco
51 Player's Choice Dress Quartet, Worker Quartet, Party Quartet, Punk Zombie, Glitter Zombie, MC Zom-B, Hair Metal Gargantuar, Arcade Zombie, Boombox Zombie, DJ Zom-B, Confetti Zombie, Duo Imps, Rock Star Gargantuar, Waltz Zombie, Loudspeaker Zombie, Turntable Zombie, Fresh Zombie, Graffiti Zombie, Prom Rulers Zombies, Nerd Zombie, Rock Zombie, Linking Zombie, Salsa Zombie, Oil Spill Zombie, Blowtorch Zombie. Jams (Punk, Pop, Rap, Metal, 8-Bit, Rock, Jazz, Salsa, Disco, Waltz), Ash Clouds, Oil Spills, Fireworks, Dance Floor, Thunder. Tropic Terror (Electric Conductor Imp, Cone Sipper Zombie, Water Buckethead Zombie), Roman Empire (Sculptor Zombie, Survus Zombie, Archer Zombie), The Roaring Twenties (Robber Zombie, TV Screen Zombie). 10 Normal Light Bloom
52 Player's Choice Time Quartet, TV Head Zombie, Firefly Zombie, Wizard Zombie, Arcade Zombie, Jurassic Bully, Confetti Zombie, Weed, Pumpkinhead Weed, Terracotta Weed, Flag Weed, Vase Weed, Crab Imp, Ghost Ship Crew Zombies, Ghost Ship Captain, Nighttime, Raptors, Fireworks, Jams (Disco, Rock), Tiki Graves. Undead Dynasty (Hammer Zombie, Potion Zombie, Gong Zombie), Electrodome (Duo Imps, Nerd Zombie, Linking Zombie), Wright Flight (Aerial Gargantuar), Tiki Island (Spirit Buckethead), City of Atlantis (Shadow Zombie, Shadow Imp, Shadow Gargantuar, Sunken Kelp Zombie). 13 Normal Coins
53 Player's Choice Basic Trio, Mummy Trio, Pirate Trio, Cowboy Trio, Future Trio, Peasant Trio, Pompadour Trio, Bikini Trio, Cave Trio, Adventurer Trio, Neon Trio, Jurassic Trio, Kung-Fu Trio, Shaolin Monk Trio, Tribal Trio, Spirit Trio, Astronaut Trio, Worker Trio, Steampunk Trio, Soldier Trio, Party Trio, Greek Trio, Legionary Trio, Pompeian Trio, Spy Trio, Sunken Trio, Shadow Trio, Coldfront Trio, Bum Trio, Viking Trio, Arabian Trio, Gold Digger Trio, Tropic Trio, Roaring Trio, Actor Trio, Painter Trio, Pilot Trio, Prom Trio, Dress Trio, Atomic Trio, Time Trio, Weed Trio. Blackouts, Gold Tiles (C2R3, C1R1,3,5), Power Tiles (C2R1,5, C1R2,4), Trench (Row 4), Smog, Stegosaurus, Minecart (Row 5), Tiki Graves, Tombstones (Dark Ages & Ancient Egypt), Jams (Punk, Rock, Jazz), Goop. Electrodome (Nerd Zombie), Neon Mixtape Tour (Punk Zombie), Jurassic Marsh (Jurassic Bully), Wright Flight (Daredevil Imp, Transport Boat), Dark Ages (Wizard Zombie), Player's House (All-Star Zombie, Super Fan Imp, Newspaper Zombie), Lost City (Excavator Zombie, Parasol Zombie, Bug Zombie), Party '99 (Firefy Zombie, DJ Zom-B), Industrial Revolution (Oil Spill Zombie, Blowtorch Zombie, Zombie Manager). 15 Normal Present

Endless Zone

Chronological Chaos: Any gimmick and zombie can appear in this super challenging endless zone, however every plant is also available.


1. Gimmick Identifier: While the player is selecting plants, a button with a clock icon will appear below the view lawn button. It the player clicks this button it will indicate to them what gimmicks are in the level. Works on Endless Zones and other worlds too, although it is only necessary to use in this world as other worlds do not have multiple gimmicks from different eras.

2. Ninth Seed Slot: Adds the ninth seed slot... Finally!!!

3. Mega Mower Launch: Player can launch the remaining four lawn mowers manually but it requires sun to launch.