Poppy is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It shoots out projectiles with random damage, although when it shoots at ariel zombies, the damage has a higher chance to be higher. It is unlocked after Day 22 of the Industrial Revolution.


Poppy shoots out projectiles at zombies that have a random damage. This damage can range from light to huge, thought it has the chance to do higher damage when hitting ariel zombies.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 200

Damage: Light-Huge
Range: Full Board
Recharge: Mediocre

Poppy has always loved to take chances, and risk what she has. Really her luck is very good, and she always beats the other plants when it comes to games like Poker or Roulettes. So she decided to risk everything she had out in the heat of battle. Nothing has changed; she's still as lucky as ever...

Plant Food Effect

Poppy shoots projectiles at every zombie on the screen, though these all have random damage.