Sun Sprite This page is about a plant that has already been created and used in another PvZ game. You can read about the original plant at the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.

  Repeater is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Retro Attack. He is an upgrade to Peashooter, and a Variant of the Peashooter. The plant's confirmed gender is male, like all Peashooters, excluding Fire Peashooter/Flaming Pea and Ice Queen Pea. He shoots Peas, and each Pea deals 1 NDS, and he shoots two at a time. He is the Intro Plant of World 3: Repeater in PvZRA; every level in that world starts out with Repeater.

Repeater is very similar to Teashooter, as they do the same damage, the primary difference being how they deal such damage; Repeater deals 1 NDS per shot, shooting two basic Peas at a time; Teashooter shoots a TeaPea that deals 2 NDS.




The Pea, Repeater's projectile.