Robo-Nut is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It created a column of defense over time, and protects plants in that column. It is the Endium plant of the Industrial Revolution, and is obtained by beating level 30 in Fear Factory.


Robo-Nut creates a column of defenses over time, and protects plants in that column, similarly to a Pumpkin. The main nut can very slowly build up other nuts when they're eaten, but if the main nut is eaten, the others cannot regenerate.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 175

Toughness: High
Recharge: Slow

Robo-Nut slowly creates a column of defenses.

Robo-Nut has tough life. Not only does he have to live in the fear of being chomped on by various types, of deadly zombies. But he has to do just that with his annoying siblings as well. He knows well that it’s his duty to keep them in line so they do their job right, but having siblings is tough. Especially when they’re robots.

Plant Food Effect

Gives more armor to the nuts, and finishes the column if not already done.


  • Robo-Nut's name is based off of three things:
    • "Robo" refers to how it's part robot.
    • "Ro" also refers to how it creates a column of defenses
    • "bo-nut" references a bow nut, a type of nut used for building.