To prevent making stub tutorials, this page has been designed to make tutorials. People are allowed to add .gmk example/engine files.

WinterMagnet's Tutorials

How to make catapults from PvZ

  1. Make a new object. Call it "obj_pultbox"
  2. Go to the create event. Do this for every zombie, or the zombie parent object. Do not use parent objects for this if you don't want a specfic zombie to be affected by cata's.
  3. Next on, add an action in which you can put a small box above (under if you want to do non-aerial plants, you can make them non-pults) and make it about 3 16x16 tiles right from 2 16x16 tiles above.
  4. More goes. Make the Horizontal Speed of zombies equal to that of that box. Also, make that box affected by freezing plants or slowing ones.
  5. Now make it so that once the cabbage collides with the box, it sets the vspeed variable to 0.8
  6. Complete. Now test the object in the game. If it works, then go to the box object and make it's visiblity off.
  7. Completed, now you have to make the box disappear once the zombie dies. Once the zombie's health variable is set to 0, the object would have to be disabled.