Solar Pear is an Endlium plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online.


Solar Pear fires a 3x1 wave of fire at zombies, it explodes when bitten. Any zombie killed by the wave of fire or the Solar Pear's explosion will spawn sun.

Sun Cost: 225

Toughness: Normal

Damage: Moderate (Wave of Fire) Heavy (Explosion)

Range: Multi-Hit

Area: 3x1 (Wave of Fire) Tile (Explosion)

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Zombies killed by it generate sun.

Special: Explodes when bitten.

Attack Speed: Mediocre

Costume: TBA

Charging Up Time: Mediocre

Plant Food: Shoots a strong heatwave that has a 1x5 area-of-effect forwards.

(Complete level 30 of Space Race Endless Zone to unlock).