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Sun Sprite This page is about a plant that has been created by a user of the Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki. You can read about the original plant there.

Teashooter is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Retro Attack. He is an upgrade to Peashooter, and a Variant of the Peashooter. The plant's confirmed gender is male, like all Peashooters, excluding Fire Peashooter/Flaming Pea and Ice Queen Pea. He shoots TeaPeas instead of Peas, and each TeaPea deals 2 NDS. He is the Intro Plant of World 2: Teashooter in PvZRA; every level in that world starts out with Teashooter, except for the first level, which uses Peashooter instead. It is currently unknown how Worlds in PvZRA will start, with the plant of the previous world or Peashooter, but future updates will determine this, or if it's relatively random based on the best plant other than the world's plant to start the world with.

Teashooter is very similar to Repeater, as they do the same damage, the primary difference being how they deal such damage; Repeater deals 1 NDS per shot, shooting two basic Peas at a time; Teashooter shoots a TeaPea that deals 2 NDS, like stated above.


Teashooter in PvZRA


Tea Pea, the projectile fired by Teashooter.