Toxic Pea is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is the Coinium plant of the Industrial Revolution, costing 90,000 coins. It shoots peas that poison zombies. Any zombies near it in a 3x3 area are also poisoned, and the zombie that eats it is badly poisoned.


Toxic Pea shoots peas that poison zombies and do damage continuously. Any zombies near it are also poisoned and if a zombie eats it, they are poisoned even worse, and take more damage than normal.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 150

Damage: Normal (Pea), Light (Poison)
Range: Straight
Recharge: Fast

Shoots poisonous peas at zombies. Zombies near it or zombies that eat it will also be poisoned.

Poison Details: Poison lasts for 5 seconds. 10 for the zombie that ate it.

Toxic Pea hasn't been feeling well lately. He doesn't know if he got sick from a party or if he ate some bad plant food, but all he does know is he woke up glowing green and with a bit of a stomache ache. However, despite coming down with something, at least every plant wants to be near him. Maybe it's his toxic aura that repels zombies.

Plant Food Effect

Poisons the entire lane, and fires 60 non-poisonous peas. The poison aura around it also grows to 4x4.